Deep learning tutorials (2nd ed.)

Deep learning tutorials Deep learning tutorials (2nd ed.) Week1 Deep learning intro. Python basics Let's play with images & MNIST Terminologies Week2 - Do you know deep learning? CNN and

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yxgeee ICLR-2020 "Mutual Mean-Teaching: Pseudo Label Refinery for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Person Re-identification".

nolan-dev Blogs: Introduction: Tutorial + link to compiled version Important note: I w

graphdml-uiuc-jlu Geom-GCN: Geometric Graph Convolutional Networks

chensong1995 Implementation of HybridPose: 6D Object Pose Estimation under Hybrid Representation

Rudrabha This repository contains the codes for LipGAN. LipGAN was published as a part of the paper titled "Towards Automatic Face-to-Face Translation".

calmisential Basic_CNNs_TensorFlow2 A tensorflow2 implementation of some basic CNNs. Networks included: MobileNet_V1 MobileNet_V2 MobileNet_V3 EfficientNet ResNeXt InceptionV4, InceptionResNetV1, InceptionResNetV2 S

norse A library to do deep learning with spiking neural networks. The purpose of this library is to exploit the advantages of bio-inspired neural components, which are sparse and event-driven - a fundamental difference from artificial neur