NeuralTalk is a Python+numpy project for learning Multimodal Recurrent Neural Networks that describe images with sentences.

#NeuralTalk Warning: Deprecated. Hi there, this code is now quite old and inefficient, and now deprecated. I am leaving it on Github for educational purposes, but if you would like to run or train image captioning I warmly recommend my new

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karpathy #NeuralTalk Warning: Deprecated. Hi there, this code is now quite old and inefficient, and now deprecated. I am leaving it on Github for educational purposes, but if you would like to run or train image captioning I warmly recommend my new

declare-lab Multimodal Deep Learning 🎆 🎆 🎆 Announcing the multimodal deep learning repository that contains implementation of various deep learning-based model

madvn CTRNN Python package that implements Continuous Time Recurrent Neural Networks (CTRNNs) See Beer, R.D. (1995). On the dynamics of small continuous-time recurrent neural networks. Adaptive Behavior 3:469-509. for a study of CTRNN

jimfleming Recurrent Entity Networks This repository contains an independent TensorFlow implementation of recurrent entity networks from Tracking the World State with Recurrent Entity Networks. This paper introduces the first method to solv

farizrahman4u Recurrent Shop Framework for building complex recurrent neural networks with Keras Ability to easily iterate over different neural network architectures is key to doing machine learning research. While deep learning libraries li

mirceamironenco Bayesian Recurrent Neural Networks This is a replication of the paper 'Bayesian Recurrent Neural Networks' by Meire Fortunato, Charles Blundell, Oriol Vinyals. Paper: Status: Basic model replica

multimodal A collection of multimodal datasets, and visual features for VQA and captionning in pytorch. Just run "pip install multimodal"

kjw0612 Awesome Recurrent Neural Networks A curated list of resources dedicated to recurrent neural networks (closely related to deep learning). Maintainers - Myungsub Choi, Taeksoo Kim, Jiwon Kim We have pages for other topics: awesom

jayparks Neural Machine Translation using Quasi-RNN Pytorch implementation of Neural Machine Translation using "Quasi-Recurrent Neural Networks", ICLR 2017 Requirements NumPy >= 1.11.1 Pytorch >= 0.2.0

ryankiros neural-storyteller neural-storyteller is a recurrent neural network that generates little stories about images. This repository contains code for generating stories with your own images, as well as instructions for training new m

danieldjohnson Biaxial Recurrent Neural Network for Music Composition This code implements a recurrent neural network trained to generate classical music. The model, which uses LSTM layers and draws inspiration from convolutional neural network

lrjconan Efficient Graph Generation with Graph Recurrent Attention Networks, Deep Generative Model of Graphs, Graph Neural Networks, NeurIPS 2019

nv-legate Legate NumPy is a Legate library that aims to provide a distributed and accelerated drop-in replacement for the NumPy API on top of the Legion runtime. Using Legate NumPy you do things like run the final example of the Python CFD course completely unmodified on 2048 A100 GPUs in a DGX SuperPOD and achieve good weak scaling.

aqibsaeed Multilabel time series classification with LSTM Tensorflow implementation of model discussed in the following paper: Learning to Diagnose with LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks. Tools Required Python 3.5 is used during d

karpathy char-rnn This code implements multi-layer Recurrent Neural Network (RNN, LSTM, and GRU) for training/sampling from character-level language models. In other words the model takes one text file as input and trains a Recurrent Neur

roomylee Recurrent Neural Network for Text Calssification Tensorflow implementation of RNN(Recurrent Neural Network) for sentiment analysis, one of the text classification problems. There are three types of RNN models, 1) Vanilla RNN, 2)

neurosnap Sentences - A command line sentence tokenizer This command line utility will convert a blob of text into a list of sentences. Demo Docs Install go get go install

vi3k6i5 FlashText This module can be used to replace keywords in sentences or extract keywords from sentences. It is based on the FlashText algorithm. Installation $ pip install flashtext API doc D

yaohungt [ACL'19] Pytorch implementation for learning Multimodal Transformer for unaligned multimodal language sequences

Lasagne Lasagne Lasagne is a lightweight library to build and train neural networks in Theano. Its main features are: Supports feed-forward networks such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), recurrent networks inc