An easy implement of VGG19 with tensorflow, which has a detailed explanation.

VGG19_with_tensorflow An easy implement of VGG19 with tensorflow, which has a detailed explanation. The code is an implement of VGG19 with tensorflow. The detailed explanation can be found here. Before running the code, you

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joansj This is just a couple of simple scripts to illustrate how to use PyTorch. There are two examples: 1) Convolutional residual network (bottleneck variant) inspired by [R1] -- We use CIFAR-10 to train/test. 2) LSTM-based word language model

ryanml NotHotDog NotHotDog is a Flask/AWS Rekognition implementation of Silicon Valley's 'Not Hot Dog' app. Building locally NotHotDog runs on Python 2.7.* First install setuptools if you don't have it, get it by running (p

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llSourcell how_to_convert_text_to_images This is the code for "How to Convert Text to Images - Intro to Deep Learning #16' by Siraj Raval on YouTube Coding Challenge - Due Date Thursday, May 4th at 12 PM PST This weeks coding ch

liu-nlper Document Classification This code implements a simple CNN model for document classification with tensorflow. Model Structure Requirements Python: 2.7 Tensorflow: 1.0.0 Numpy: 1.12.1 sklearn: 0.18

joeddav DEvol - Deep Neural Network Evolution DEvol (DeepEvolution) is a basic proof of concept for genetic architecture search in Keras. The current setup is designed for classification problems, though this could be extended to include