dataset and code for 2016 paper "Learning a Driving Simulator"

the people's comma the paper Learning a Driving Simulator the driving dataset 7 and a quarter hours of largely highway driving. Enough to train what we had in Bloomberg. Examples We pre

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tesserai TFI: Use any TensorFlow model in a single line of code TFI provides a simple Python interface to any TensorFlow model. It does this by automatically generating a Python class on the fly. Here's an example of using TFI with a Sav

Joker316701882 Deep-Image-Matting This is tensorflow implementation for paper "Deep Image Matting". Thanks to Davi Frossard, "vgg16_weights.npz" can be found in his blog: "" 2017-8-25: Now this

r9y9 tacotron_pytorch PyTorch implementation of Tacotron speech synthesis model. Inspired from keithito/tacotron. Currently not as much good speech quality as keithito/tacotron can generate, but it seems to be basically working. Yo

ClementPinard DepthNet training on Still Box Project page This code can replicate the results of our paper that was published in UAVg-17. If you use this repo in your work, please cite us with the following bibtex : @Article{isprs-

Lextal pspnet-pytorch PyTorch implementation of PSPNet segmentation network Original paper Pyramid Scene Parsing Network Details This is a slightly different version - instead of direct 8x upsampling at the end I

1adrianb Face Recognition Detect facial landmarks from Python using the world's most accurate face alignment network, capable of detecting points in both 2D and 3D coordinates. Build using FAN's state-of-the-art deep learning based face

nashory gans-collection.torch Torch implementation of various types of GANs (e.g. DCGAN, ALI, Context-encoder, DiscoGAN, CycleGAN, EBGAN). Note that EBGAN and BEGAN implementation is still not stable yet. I am working on this.

LiyuanLucasLiu LM-LSTM-CRF Check Our New NER Toolkit 🚀 🚀 🚀 Inference: LightNER: inference w. models pre-trained / trained w. any following tools, efficiently. Training: LD-Net: train