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OpenXAIProject Automatic-Stock-Trading In Wall Street, the global financial center, the proportion of investment in artificial intelligence has increased gradually since the 2008 financial crisis (Source: Bloomberg) In addition, artificial inte

kevin-ssy FishNet This repo holds the implementation code of the paper: FishNet: A Versatile Backbone for Image, Region, and Pixel Level Prediction , Shuyang Sun, Jiangmiao Pang, Jianping Shi, Shuai Yi, Wanli Ouyang, NeurIPS 2018. Fish

JKBox YOLOv3 with quadrangle Reimplementation of YOLOv3 with quadrangle This is a reimplementation of YOLOv3: An Incremental Improvement and is based on Ultralytics LLC's PyTorch implementation. This work detects obejcts in arbitrary

intel-isl Combinatorial Optimization with Graph Convolutional Networks and Guided Tree Search This is a tensorflow implementation of solving the maximum indepedent set problem using graph convolutional networks and guided tree search. The

ChintanTrivedi DeepGamingAI_FPS An FPS game controller that uses webcam and deep learning to play games Video Link to Project Video on YouTube Requirements tensorflow object-detection pyautogui open cv To tr

danielewworrall CubeNet: Equivariance to 3D Rotation and Translation This code contains a Tensorflow implementation of a discrete 3D roto-translation convolution and some example of models using them on the ModelNet10 benchmark. More details can

zhjohnchan Awesome Image Captioning A curated list of image captioning and related area. :-) Contributing Please feel free to send me pull requests or email ([email protected]) to add links. Markdown format: - [Pap

NVlabs Deep Object Pose Estimation - ROS Inference This is the official DOPE ROS package for detection and 6-DoF pose estimation of known objects from an RGB camera. The network has been trained on the following YCB objects: cracker