100 Days of ML Coding

100-Days-Of-ML-Code 100 Days of Machine Learning Coding as proposed by Siraj Raval Get the datasets from here Data PreProcessing | Day 1 Check out the code from here. Simple Linear Regression | Day 2

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BRML climin climin is a Python package for optimization, heavily biased to machine learning scenarios distributed under the BSD 3-clause license. It works on top of numpy and (partially) gnumpy. The project was started in winter 2011

echen How to Use First, initialize an RBM with the desired number of visible and hidden units. rbm = RBM(num_visible = 6, num_hidden = 2) Next, train the machine: training_data = np.array([[1,1,1,0,0,0],[1,0,1,0,0,0],[1,1,1,0,0,0],

sjchoi86 Deep learning tutorials Deep learning tutorials (2nd ed.) Week1 Deep learning intro. Python basics Let's play with images & MNIST Terminologies Week2 - Do you know deep learning? CNN and

dragnet-org Dragnet Dragnet isn't interested in the shiny chrome or boilerplate dressing of a web page. It's interested in... 'just the facts.' The machine learning models in Dragnet extract the main article content and optionally user gen

tensorlayer TensorLayer is a novel TensorFlow-based deep learning and reinforcement learning library designed for researchers and engineers. It provides an extensive collection of customizable neural layers to build advanced AI mo

devsisters Human-Level Control through Deep Reinforcement Learning Tensorflow implementation of Human-Level Control through Deep Reinforcement Learning. This implementation contains: Deep Q-network and Q-learning Experience replay

floydhub Website • Docs • Forum • Twitter • We're Hiring Update: I've built a quick tool based on this repo. Start running your Tensorflow project on AWS in <30seconds using Floyd. See www.floydhub.com. It's free to try out.

kdexd MNIST Handwritten Digit Classifier An implementation of multilayer neural network using numpy library. The implementation is a modified version of Michael Nielsen's implementation in Neural Networks and Deep Learning book.