Debugging Tools

Libraries for debugging code.

Newest releases

volltin Vpack A package containing a lot of useful utilities for Python developing and debugging. Features Sigview: press Ctrl+C to print the current stack in

Shreenabh664 Generate and debug Python code- with some help from AI

snare Voltron is an extensible debugger UI toolkit written in Python. It aims to improve the user experience of various debuggers (LLDB, GDB, VDB and WinDbg) by enabling the attachment of utility views that can retrieve and display data

morefigs printstack is a Python package that adds stack trace links to the builtin print function, so that editors such as PyCharm can link you to the source of the print call.

beyondcode A Laravel DebugBar companion app that helps you debug your applications.

gaogaotiantian watchpoints is an easy-to-use, intuitive variable/object monitor tool for python that behaves similar to watchpoints in gdb.

laike9m Python debugging, redefined.

andy-landy Adds variables to python traceback. Simple, lightweight, controllable. Debug reasons of exceptions by logging or pretty printing colorful variable contexts for each frame in a stacktrace, showing every value. Dump locals environme

fuatbeser Answers to commonly asked questions on AI (in Turkish)

HallerPatrick Debug faster than a frog catches a fly

LeadroyaL IDA plugin, unwind stack trace when debugging arm.

tradytics Find big moving stocks before they move using machine learning and anomaly detection

gaogaotiantian VizTracer is a low-overhead deterministic debugging/profiling tool that can trace and visualize your python code to help you intuitively understand your code better and figure out the time consuming part of your code.

ucgJhe A multi-architecture and cross-platform debugger baked by Qiling Framework

CCExtractor vardbg A simple Python debugger and profiler that generates animated visualizations of program flow. It is meant to help with learning algorithms by allowing you to visualize what the algorithms are doing. Python 3.6

pdbpp pdb++, a drop-in replacement for pdb (the Python debugger)

julvo reloading A Python utility to reload a loop body from source on each iteration without losing state Useful for editing source code during training of deep learning models. This lets you e.g. add logging, print statis

alexmojaki A powerful set of Python debugging tools, based on PySnooper

cknd Better tracebacks This is a more helpful version of Python's built-in exception message: It shows more code context and the current values of nearby variables. This answers many of the questions I'd ask an interacti

cool-RR PySnooper - Never use print for debugging again PySnooper is a poor man's debugger. You're trying to figure out why your Python code isn't doing what you think it should be doing. You'd love to use a full-fledged deb

everhide Everbug - Debugger for Django projects The Everbug is a lightweight Django middleware for Chrome/Firefox extension with easy install. One of the advantages: the response body of target page remains clean and unchange

DynamoRIO Dr. Memory: the memory debugger About Dr. Memory Dr. Memory is a memory monitoring tool capable of identifying memory-related programming errors such as accesses of uninitialized memory, accesses to unaddress

inducer PuDB: a console-based visual debugger for Python Its goal is to provide all the niceties of modern GUI-based debuggers in a more lightweight and keyboard-friendly package. PuDB allows you to debug code right wher

gruns IceCream is a little library for sweet and creamy debugging. Do you ever use print() or log() to debug your code? Of course you do. IceCream, or ic for short, makes print debugging a little sweeter.

alexmojaki birdseye birdseye is a Python debugger which records the values of expressions in a function call and lets you easily view them after the function exits. For example: You can use birdseye no matter how yo

hchasestevens tracing Utilities for tracing program execution line-by-line. What is this good for? Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't quite sure what a program was doing? Where the program seems to h

bruce30262 TWindbg PEDA-like debugger UI for WinDbg Introduction This is a windbg extension ( using pykd ) to let user having a PEDA-like debugger UI in WinDbg. It will display the following context in each step

ant4g0nist Vegvisir: A browser based GUI for **LLDB** Debugger. Screenshot: Installation: Note: Please use the default python that comes with MacOS which is available at /usr/bin/python. This

Comsecuris gdbida - a visual bridge between a GDB session and IDA Pro's disassembler The purpose of gdbida is to provide means during interactive debug sessions in gdb to quickly follow the flow in IDA. gdbida is not meant to be a

x64dbg x64dbgida Official x64dbg plugin for IDA Pro. Installation Copy to your IDA plugins directory. Notice: On older versions of IDA make sure to update IDAPython to the latest release for your IDA

khamidou lptrace lptrace is strace for Python programs. It lets you see in real-time what functions a Python program is running. It's particularly useful to debug weird issues on production. For example, let's debug a non-trivi

romanvm Web-PDB Web-PDB is a web-interface for Python's built-in PDB debugger. It allows to debug Python scripts remotely in a web-browser. Features Responsive design based on Bootstrap. Python syntax hi