DBSeer Please refer to the following documents, which are located at the root path of the package for necessary information to install and run DBSeer: INSTALL.md: DBSeer Installation Guide DBSeer User Guide.pdf: DBSeer User

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meilisearch A full-text search database based on the fast LMDB key-value store.

tuxmonk What is it? PupDB is an ernest attempt to create a simple file-based key-value database written in Python. Why PupDB? The objective behind the creation of PupDB is to create a database system which performs sim

simandebvu SQL Zoo is one of the few resources online that actually lets you build and run queries against existing tables. Each tutorial will show you a table and then have you run queries against it to answer specific questions

CloudSnorkel Take periodic snapshots of RDS databases, sanitize them, and share with other accounts. Useful for QA/dev databases.###{"Python":36619}

leonardb A FoundationDB backend plugin for mnesia, based on mnesia_rocksdb

DataStax-Academy All materials for the Cassandra Workshop Series in a single place

FuckDoctors Redis Desktop Manager Builder for windows and macOS

pawurb Elixir port of Heroku PG Extras. The goal of this project is to provide powerful insights into the PostgreSQL database for Elixir apps that are not using the Heroku PostgreSQL plugin.