DBSeer Please refer to the following documents, which are located at the root path of the package for necessary information to install and run DBSeer: INSTALL.md: DBSeer Installation Guide DBSeer User Guide.pdf: DBSeer User

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mzupan Nagios-MongoDB Overview This is a simple Nagios check script to monitor your MongoDB server(s). Authors Main Author Mike Zupan mike -(at)- zcentric.com Contributers Frank Brandewie

pcdummy Munin Plugins for MongoDB Plugins mongo_collcount : Count of documents in multible collections per db mongo_collsize : Index, storage and data size per collection mongo_indexsize : Index sizes of all collections

erh Munin Plugins for MongoDB Plugins mongo_ops : operations/second mongo_mem : mapped, virtual and resident memory usage mongo_btree : btree access/misses/etc... mongo_conn : current connections mongo_lock : wr

beaufour Introduction mtop is a top like tool for MongoDB. Installation > pip install mtop or alternatively > easy_install mtop Usage > mtop > mtop -s mongo.superduper.com -d 1500 Dep

tart Motop Realtime monitoring tool for several MongoDB servers. Shows current operations ordered by durations every second. Usage Install with easy_install: easy_install motop Install with pip: pip install git+https

Lujeni What is Mongoop ? Monitor and locate long running operations on MongoDB and automatically trigger specific actions for alerting and performance analysis. Some fancy checks are available also. Is it ready ? It'

UnderGreen Ansible role for MongoDB Ansible role which manages MongoDB. Install and configure the MongoDB; Configure mongodb users Configure replication Provide handlers for restart and reload; Setup MMS automation agent; Mo

thomasst Getting started Make sure you have the following packages installed: Django 1.4 mongo-python-driver Make a copy the included default project settings: cp mongoadmin_project/settings.py.dist mongoadmin_project/settings.p