Python charting for 80% of humans.

Leather is the Python charting library for those who need charts now and don't care if they're perfect. Leather isn't picky. It's rough. It gets dirty. It looks sexy just hanging on the back of a chair. Leather doesn't need y

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jmoy Plot phase portraits of 2D differential equations using Python's matplotlib and scipy libraries. Inspired by Maxima's plotdf function. Usage To plot dx/dt = y, dy/dt = -g sin(x) / l - b y/ (m l): from math import sin from

bencbartlett Animator5D Very simple-to-use framework for rendering 5-dimensional animations (x, y, z, time, some color value) as an animated gif. This requires ImageMagick to combine the frames, but you can still render them without having it

eyadsibai Brute Force Plotter [Work in progress] Tool to visualize data quickly with no brain usage for plot creation Installation will be packaged soon Example It was tested on python3 only $ git clone https

wrobstory Status 2016-06-18 Update If you are interested in this library, I would direct you to the Altair project: It supports the latest version of vega, is fully-featured, has a great deve

yhat ggplot What is it? ggplot is a Python implementation of the grammar of graphics. It is not intended to be a feature-for-feature port of ggplot2 for R--though there is much greatness in ggplot2, the Python world cou

christabor Flask JSONDash Easily configurable, chart dashboards from any arbitrary API endpoint. JSON config only. Ready to go. This project is a flask blueprint that allows you to create sleek dashboards without writ

TaipanRex Pyvisgraph - Python Visibility Graph Given a set of simple obstacle polygons, build a visibility graph and find the shortest path between two points. Pyvisgraph is a MIT-licensed Python package for building visibility graph

yonicd ggedit ggplot2 has become the standard of plotting in R for many users. New users, however, may find the learning curve steep at first, and more experienced users may find it challenging to keep track of all the options (esp