The interactive graphing library for Python (includes Plotly Express) :sparkles: Latest Release User forum PyPI Downloads License Quickstart pip install plotly==4.7.1 Inside Jupyter notebook (installa

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mapbox WebGL Wind β€” Demo A WebGL-powered visualization of wind power. Capable of rendering up to 1 million wind particles at 60fps. This project is heavily inspired by the work of: Cameron Beccario and his wonderful Earth project with i

paarthneekhara This is an attention based model for VQA using a dilated convolutional neural network for modelling the question and a resnet for visual features. The text model is based on the recent convolutional architecture ByteNet.

mricon Reverse proxy grapher This is a useful little tool that will generate a nice graphviz graph illustrating your reverse proxy flow. It takes a manually curated YAML file describing the topology of your network, proxy definitions, a

ropensci An R package for creating interactive web graphics via the open source JavaScript graphing library plotly.js. Installation Install from CRAN: install.packages("plotly") Or install the latest development version (on G

oldj pyHeatMap Author: oldj Email: [email protected] Blog: Source: pyHeatMap is a Python library for painting heat maps. It depends on Pillow. Python 2/3 compatible.

jonocarroll ggeasy You know how to make ggplot2 graphics, right? No worries. Piece of cake. Now, can you please rotate the x axis labels to vertical? ggeasy is here to make that a little easier. Installation You can

unconed MathBox Presentation-quality WebGL math graphing MathBox is a library for rendering presentation-quality math diagrams in a browser using WebGL. Built on top of Three.js and ShaderGraph, it provides a clean API to vi

matteocargnelutti Current version : v0.1 - "Baguette" A Raspberry Pi robot that helps people make their grocery list. Jean-Pierre is a little DIY robot based on the Raspberry Pi Zero W that uses a camera to scan food barcodes : it fetches info