Easy to use Python API wrapper to plot charts with matplotlib, plotly, bokeh and more

chartpy chartpy creates a simple easy to use API to plot in a number of great Python chart libraries like plotly (via cufflinks), bokeh and matplotlib, with a unified interface. You simply need to change a single keyword to cha

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moodymudskipper {ggframe} is a {ggplot2} wrapper. A “ggframe” object is a data.frame with a “layers” and an “aes” attributes. It has a printing method which plots by default, but print with plot = FALSE and you’ll print the data, aesthetics and layers.

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ohorban Description: For this homework, I researched data on the topic that interests me - climate change. As it was proven, CO2 emissions play a role in a global warming, so I searched for data that show CO2 emisions in the United states. I also took a look at the average annual temperatures in the United States since 1990.

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