Apache Superset (incubating) is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application

Caravel Caravel is a data exploration platform designed to be visual, intuitive and interactive. [this project used to be named Panoramix] Screenshots & Gifs Caravel Car

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TaipanRex Pyvisgraph - Python Visibility Graph Given a set of simple obstacle polygons, build a visibility graph and find the shortest path between two points. Pyvisgraph is a MIT-licensed Python package for building visibility graph

yonicd ggedit ggplot2 has become the standard of plotting in R for many users. New users, however, may find the learning curve steep at first, and more experienced users may find it challenging to keep track of all the options (esp

josefbacik A service for logging and visualizing data from bpf scripts. Setup the database For sqlite you do the following cat kernelscope-sqlite.sql | sqlite3 yourdatabase.db For mysql you can just run the following mysql -u userna

gboeing pynamical Python package for modeling, simulating, visualizing, and animating discrete nonlinear dynamical systems and chaos pynamical uses pandas, numpy, and numba for fast simulation, and matplotlib for visualizations an

rohanp Facebook Messenger Data Grapher Use 64 bit Python or it will not work!!!!!! <----- Important read this! Dependencies Python 3 64 bit Pandas Matplotlib BeautifulSoup4 How To Install all the

getredash Redash is our take on freeing the data within our company in a way that will better fit our culture and usage patterns. Prior to Redash, we tried to use traditional BI suites and discovered a set of bloated, technically challeng

matthisk django-jchart This Django app enables you to configure and render Chart.JS charts directly from your Django codebase. Charts can than either be rendered directly into your Django template or served asynchronously to the webbr

hrbrmstr hrbrthemes Additional Themes and Theme Components for ‘ggplot2’ This is a very focused package that provides typography-centric themes and theme components for ggplot2. It’s a an extract/riff of hrbrmisc created by