Data Visualization

Libraries for visualizing data.

Newest releases

pnnl The HyperNetX library provides classes and methods for the analysis and visualization of complex network data. HyperNetX uses data structures designed to represent set systems containing nested data and/or multi-way relationships.

paulgavrikov Visualkeras is a Python package to help visualize Keras (either standalone or included in tensorflow) neural network architectures. It allows easy styling to fit most needs. As of now it supports layered style architecture generat

stevedsun Generate a roam research like Network Graph view from your Notion pages.###{"Python":4313,"JavaScript":749,"HTML":527}

devinpleuler NorthPitch is a python soccer plotting library that sits on top of Matplotlib.

R-CoderDotCom The geom you always wished for adding cats to ggplot2. This package is part of the memeverse. The source code of this package is based on geom_image from ggimage.

MathInspector Math Inspector is a visual programming environment for scientific computing based on numpy & scipy. Appropriate for users of all ages and skill levels.

feddelegrand7 The goal of cronologia is to create an interactive timeline widget in RMarkdown documents and Shiny applications.

mportesi Python script to generate a visualization of various sorting algorithms, image or video.

nrgapple Visualize counrty borders from different times in history (2000 BC-1994)

R-CoderDotCom A ggplot2 geom for adding Bernie Sanders to ggplot2

hustcc 🎨 PyG2Plot 是 @AntV/G2Plot 在 Python3 上的封装。 G2Plot 是一套简单、易用、并具备一定扩展能力和组合能力的统计图表库,基于图形语法理论搭建而成。

apache Apache Superset is a Data Visualization and Data Exploration Platform

leon-thomm A simple flow-based visual scripting runtime environment for Python

petercorke Spatial mathematics capability underpins all of robotics and robotic vision where we need to describe the position, orientation or pose of objects in 2D or 3D spaces.

mottosso Treemap visualisation for Maya scene files

calvin-zcx MoFlow: an invertible flow model for generating molecular graphs

didi LogicFlow 是一款解决流程可视化的前端框架,提供了一系列流程图交互、编辑所必需的功能和简单灵活的节点自定义、插件等拓展机制,方便我们快速在业务系统内满足类流程图的需求。

RenaudRohlinger Easily monitor your ThreeJS performances.

treebeardtech Whaler – a visual disk-usage analyser for Docker images

tomkwok Calplot – Calendar heatmaps from Pandas time series data

jgamblin This jupyter notebook will pull all JSON Data from the NVD and create a HeatMap using CalPlot.

MattCowgill {ggannotate} is a point-and-click tool to help you put your annotations exactly where you want them to go on your {ggplot2} plots.

hoorayman a universe aster generator

brandmaier this package that lets us issue natural language commands, which then are translated into ggplot commands.

evidentlyai Evidently helps analyze machine learning models during development, validation, or production monitoring. The tool generates interactive reports from pandas DataFrame. Currently, the Data Drift report is available.

antfu p5.js, but with more friendly instance mode APIs

vnbrs 🌍 Dataset that shows the Internet affordability by country (a shocking reality!)

pallada-92 The most advanced and compact 3d engine ever implemented in DNA code.

highfestiva Finance Plotter, or finplot, is a performant library with a clean api to help you with your backtesting. It's optionated with good defaults, so you can start doing your work without having to setup plots, colors, scales, autoscali

R-CoderDotCom Ready to print monthly and yearly calendars made with ggplot2

R-CoderDotCom Microeconomic graphs made with ggplot2