Data Visualization

Libraries for visualizing data.

Newest releases

martinfleis Clustergram - Visualization and diagnostics for cluster analysis in Python

JuliaPluto 🎈 Visual, reactive testing library for Julia. Time machine included.

h4pZ All natural pine, faux fur and a bit of soho vibes for the classy minimalist

MarcSkovMadsen The panel-highcharts package makes it easy to use Highcharts from Python for exploratory analysis in a Jupyter Notebook or as a Panel Web App.

Roadeo A python script (along with instructions) to display the locations of all the peers your qBittorrent client is connected to in a Grafana worldmap dashboard.

LINCellularNeuroscience VAME is a framework to cluster behavioral signals obtained from pose-estimation tools. It is a PyTorch based deep learning framework which leverages the power of recurrent neural networks (RNN) to model sequential data. In order t

stanleybak Python Version of F-16 Maneuver Verification Benchmark

yobibyte Design your own matplotlib stylefile interactively

lewiuberg Visual Automata is a Python 3 library built as a wrapper for the Automata library to add more visualization features.

zensors The dataTap Python library is the primary interface for using dataTap's rich data management tools. Create datasets, stream annotations, and analyze model performance all with one library.

cceyda Common Voice Dataset explorer

mre Rust for X Introductory material for new Rustaceans coming from different programming languages. This repository is still very rough around the edges.

nalgeon Data Visualization Guide for Presentations, Reports, and Dashboards Based on International Business Communication Standards 1.1 by IBCS Association, l

EduardoRFS ppx_let_locs ppx_let_locs is a typed ppx designed to improve stack traces when using let monadic over lwt_ppx and similars. It also improves stack tra

aws Library extending Jupyter notebooks to integrate with Apache TinkerPop and RDF SPARQL.

davidsjoberg ggsankey The goal of ggsankey is to make beautiful sankey, alluvial and sankey bump plots in ggplot2 Installation You can install the development vers

bqplot bqplot is a 2-D visualization system for Jupyter, based on the constructs of the Grammar of Graphics.

dschafer activatr activatr (pronounced like the word “activator”) is a library for parsing GPX files into a standard format, and then manipulating and visualiz

ashutoshbsathe yacv is a tool for visualizing various aspects of typical LL(1) and LR parsers.

furrysalamander A tool for automatically generating 3D printable STLs from freely available lidar scan data.

matplotlib matplotlib utilities for the visualization, and visual analysis, of financial data

julrog A project for processing neural networks and rendering to gain insights on the architecture and parameters of a model through a decluttered representation.

Simple2006 libmaths was created not only as a learning experience for me, but as a way to make mathematical models in seconds for Python users using math in their code. With pre-programmed mathematical functions ranging from linear to sextic

pnnl The HyperNetX library provides classes and methods for the analysis and visualization of complex network data. HyperNetX uses data structures designed to represent set systems containing nested data and/or multi-way relationships.

paulgavrikov Visualkeras is a Python package to help visualize Keras (either standalone or included in tensorflow) neural network architectures. It allows easy styling to fit most needs. As of now it supports layered style architecture generat

stevedsun Generate a roam research like Network Graph view from your Notion pages.###{"Python":4313,"JavaScript":749,"HTML":527}

devinpleuler NorthPitch is a python soccer plotting library that sits on top of Matplotlib.

R-CoderDotCom The geom you always wished for adding cats to ggplot2. This package is part of the memeverse. The source code of this package is based on geom_image from ggimage.

MathInspector Math Inspector is a visual programming environment for scientific computing based on numpy & scipy. Appropriate for users of all ages and skill levels.

feddelegrand7 The goal of cronologia is to create an interactive timeline widget in RMarkdown documents and Shiny applications.

mportesi Python script to generate a visualization of various sorting algorithms, image or video.

nrgapple Visualize counrty borders from different times in history (2000 BC-1994)