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andreiapostoae Important update from the author I will try to update this repo over the winter break as I want the game meta to stabilize a little. Stay tuned! dota2-predictor Overview Requirements Project structure Basic u

dmulholl Ivy Ivy is a static website generator built in Python. It's small, elegant, and easy to use. $ ivy --help Usage: ivy [FLAGS] [COMMAND] Ivy is a static website generator. It transforms a directory of text files into a self-

davecan easychain: a simple python blockchain This is the result of a bit of research and some tinkering to understand the fundamental concepts of a blockchain. Readers are directed to Ilya Gritorik's fantastic Minimum Viable Blockchain

SwordYork Sequencing Sequencing is a sequence to sequence learning framework based on Tensorflow. The key features of this framework are flexibility and simplicity. That is, keep simple and stay native. Dependency Python &gt

Netflix-Skunkworks Repulsive Grizzly Application Layer DoS Testing Framework What is Repulsive Grizzly? Repulsive Grizzly is an application layer load testing framework specifically designed to support high throughput and sophisticate

lufficc Ishuhui A flask project built for learning. Responsive waterfalls flow by Masonry and real time search by List.js. Features Clear project structure. Controllers, logger, scheduler, extensions, models, tasks e

clojurecademy Clojurecademy Clojurecademy is an interactive platform that provides Clojure based courses. It's like Codecademy for Clojure. Requirements JDK/Clojure 1.8 Leiningen 2.7.1+ Datomic Pro Starter Edition 0.9.5561

cusiman7 Static Fire Static Fire is an engine for creating static websites, primarily blogs. Instead of a standard database Static Fire uses Git as its primary data store. Static Fire was built by @RobertCusimano and powers ShadedTriangle