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iyanuashiri MeetHub MeetHub is an open source event management system built with Python and Django web framework. Features Notifications system Commenting Events creation and monitoring ... TODO Add t

WestHealth Pyvis - a Python library for visualizing networks Description Pyvis is built around visjs, a JavaScript visualization library. Documentation Pyvis' full documentation can be found at http://pyvis.readthed

brettvanderwerff Flaskerizer What is the Flaskerizer and what problem does it solve? Bootstrap templates are a fast way to a get very dynamic website up and running, but these templates typically don't work "out of the box" with the

ropnop Intro These scripts are a PoC for how to extract unencrypted private SSH keys from Windows when the new OpenSSH ssh-agent.exe is used. When adding private keys to ssh-agent, Windows protects the private keys with DPAPI and store

EricZgw PyramidBox This is an unofficial Tensorflow re-implementation of PyramidBox: A Context-assisted Single Shot Face Detector, which achieves superior performance among the state-of-the-art on the two common face detection benchmarks

akanimax **Please note that this is not the repo for the MSG-GAN research paper. Please head over to the msg-stylegan-tf repository for the official code and trained models for the MSG-GAN paper. MSG-GAN MSG-GAN (Multi-Scale Gr

hoffa notation I got frustrated with the inconsistencies and (what I perceived as) unnecessary complexity in modern music notation. All I want to know is where to put my fingers. Note length, tempo, velocity, progression and other stuf

foone SplitBySubs This script splits up movie files according to subtitle files. So you get one output file per line of dialogue. It takes any file format ffmpeg can handle and an SRT subtitles file. You can see some of the results o