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mishbahr djangocms-forms This project requires django-cms v3.0 or higher to be properly installed and configured. This package is compatible with Aldryn. Quickstart Install djangocms-forms: pip install djangocm

yat1ma30 Django Email Registration Demo This is a small demo project using email and password authentication. This project depens on django-registration v1.2. Features This demo contains following features. Email as an use

waywardgeek For instructions for compiling the and using Infinite Noise TRNG driver, go to the software sub-directory, and read the README file there. Both Linux and Windows are supported.

whiteclover White Moved to Zephyr White is a blog cms. it's based Anchor-cms that a blog cms wrote by php. The White project keeps the most of achor-cms features, but pythonic and some new feartures: write blog use markdown custom fie

WiserTogether django-remote-forms A package that allows you to serialize django forms, including fields and widgets into Python dictionary for easy conversion into JSON and expose over API Please go through my djangocon US 2012 talk to unders

bharani91 Authentic Pixels Digital goods shop & blog created using Phoenix Framework (Elixir) This is the source code for my new website - Authentic Pixels. Through Authentic Pixels, I plan to deliver high quality free & premium w

postlight Awesome CMS A collection of 131 open and closed source Content Management Systems (CMS) for your perusal. Check out the blog post on the creation of Awesome CMS. Last generated on May 3rd, 2019. See for details

thechangelog Read the announcement post! What is this? This is the CMS behind It's an Elixir application built on the Phoenix web framework, PostgreSQL, and many other great open source efforts.