Pure Python MySQL Client

PyMySQL Table of Contents Requirements Installation Documentation Example Resources License This package contains a pure-Python MySQL client library, based on PEP 249. Most public APIs

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akanimax **Please note that this is not the repo for the MSG-GAN research paper. Please head over to the msg-stylegan-tf repository for the official code and trained models for the MSG-GAN paper. MSG-GAN MSG-GAN (Multi-Scale Gr

hoffa notation I got frustrated with the inconsistencies and (what I perceived as) unnecessary complexity in modern music notation. All I want to know is where to put my fingers. Note length, tempo, velocity, progression and other stuf

foone SplitBySubs This script splits up movie files according to subtitle files. So you get one output file per line of dialogue. It takes any file format ffmpeg can handle and an SRT subtitles file. You can see some of the results o

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igemsoftware2018 Welcome to CO-RAD! Introduction CO-RAD is a Collaborative Optimization platform with functions of Recommendation,Analysis and Design. Here are the functions in CO-RAD: Novel Numerical Simulation. Helpful

juntang-zhuang ShelfNet-lightweight for paper (ShelfNet for fast semantic segmentation) This repo contains implementation of ShelfNet-lightweight models for real-time models on Cityscapes. For real-time tasks, we achieved 74.8% mIoU on Ct

hsddlz faster-CTPN our work we change the LSTM model to conv1D that more than 5 times faster than the original version on training base our dateset.half faster on training in ICDAR2013. conv1D with kernal 7 is almost same wit

eliocamp ggnewscale ggnewscale tries to make it painless to use multiple colour and fill scales in ggplot2. It’s very experimental, so use at your own risk! For another way of defining multiple scales, you can also try relayer.