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kkoomen Qbr, pronounced as Cuber, is a webcam-based 3x3x3 rubik's cube solver written in Python 3 and OpenCV.

zacharywhitley Awesome OCR

MaybeShewill-CV Sky area detection without deep neural networks

JaidedAI Easy OCR Ready-to-use OCR with 40+ languages supported including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. Examples Supported Languages We are currently supporting following 42 languages. Afrikaans

zzzDavid ICDAR 2019 Robust Reading Challenge on Scanned Receipts OCR and Information Extraction

freesurfer Neuroimaging analysis and visualization suite

zh-plus Video to Pose3D Predict 3d human pose from video Prerequisite Environment Linux system Python > 3.6 distribution Dependencies Packages Pytorch > 1.0.0

qlemaire22 Speech and Music Detection Python framework for Speech and Music Detection using Keras. This repository contains the experiments presented in the paper "Temporal Convolutional Networks for Speech and Music Detection in

scnuhealthy PersonLab An Tensorflow implementation of PersonLab for Multi-Person Pose Estimation and Instance Segmentation. Identify every person instance, localize its facial and body keypoints, and estimate its instance segmentat

qjadud1994 Text detection model that combines Retinanet with textboxes++ for OCR

factful Scripts and results from our OCR roundup, available on Source

microsoft + March 27: Released v1.1 with new and improved + functionality for image retrieval, object detection, + keypoint detection and action recognition. + For additional details, please refer to our releases page.

arsenyinfo ceevee ceevee (read like CV, i.e. computer vision) is a Python library for various computer vision problems with a focus on easy usage. ceevee aims to be a bridge between deep learning practitioners training accurate

PeculiarVentures GammaCV is a WebGL accelerated Computer Vision library for modern web applications. We created GammaCV to make it easy to integrate Computer Vision in modern web applications. GammaCV was built w

LynnHo HD CelebA Cropper CelebA dataset provides an aligned set However, the size of each aligned image is 218x178, so the faces cropped from such images would be even smaller! Here we provide a code to

xiumingzhang MoSculp Demo This is a desktop demo for the following paper. If you find the code useful, please cite the paper. MoSculp: Interactive Visualization of Shape and Time Xiuming Zhang, Tali D

hammerlab Cytokit Cytokit is a collection of tools for quantifying and analyzing properties of individual cells in large fluorescent microscopy datasets with a focus on those generated from multiplexed staining protocols. This

open-mmlab MMCV Introduction MMCV is a foundational python library for computer vision research and supports many research projects in MMLAB, such as MMDetection and MMAction. It provides the following fun

ZumingHuang A collection of resources (including the papers and datasets) of OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

pathak22 Learning Instance Segmentation by Interaction [Project Website] [Videos] Deepak Pathak*, Yide Shentu*, Dian Chen*, Pulkit Agrawal*, Trevor Darrell, Sergey Levine, Jitendra Malik University of California, Berk

Dilan1020 PyColorPalette PyColorPalette is a Python 3 tool capable of pulling a list of the top colors, or the color at a specific index, from a given image through the process of K-means clustering. Images can be provided either

liuziwei7 Video Frame Synthesis using Deep Voxel Flow We address the problem of synthesizing new video frames in an existing video, either in-between existing frames (interpolation), or subsequent to them (extrapolation). Our met

wushilian CRNN with attention to do OCR

newsdev Who The Hill What is Who The Hill? Shazam, but for House members faces. Who The Hill is an MMS-based facial recognition service for members of Congress. Reporters covering Congress can text pictures of membe

openai Status: Archive (code is provided as-is, no updates expected) DEPRECATED: Please use PyBullet instead NEWS 2019 September 27 We are deprecating Roboschool and now recommend using PyBullet instead. 201

vipul-sharma20 Sharingan Sharingan is a tool built on Python 3.6 using OpenCV 3.2 to extract news content as text from newspaper’s photo and perform news context extraction. For more details and explanation, please refer the blog

AeroPython PyFME Name: PyFME Description: Python Flight Mechanics Engine Website: Author: AeroPython Team <[email protected]>

openpaperwork PyOCR PyOCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) tool wrapper for python. That is, it helps using OCR tools from a Python program. It has been tested only on GNU/Linux systems. It should also work on similar syste

sirfz tesserocr A simple, Pillow-friendly, wrapper around the tesseract-ocr API for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). tesserocr integrates directly with Tesseract's C++ API using Cython which allows for a simple Pyt