A CLI for managing daily tasks

Tasker Manage your daily tasks via CLI. *Strikethrough support is new and not shown in below examples Commands: task add Add a new task to todays list or a specific day (-d YYYY-MM-DD). browse Open browser for a ta

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dahlia logging-spinner: non-intrusive spinner for Python This library helps to display loading spinners in CLI in non-intrusive manner. Applications/libraries don't have to depend on any third-party API, but only need to log loa

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Mr-Un1k0d3r PowerLessShell PowerLessShell rely on MSBuild.exe to remotely execute PowerShell scripts and commands without spawning powershell.exe. You can also execute raw shellcode using the same approach. To add another layer of crap the

LazoCoder Pokemon-Terminal Features 719 unique Pokemon Select Pokemon by name or by index number Ability to change the Desktop Wallpaper & the Terminal background Internal search system

christophetd NSEInfo NSEInfo is a tool to interactively search through nmap's NSE scripts. Installation Needs Python 2.7. To install, run: $ pip install nltk prettytable git+https://github.com/christophetd/nmap-nse-info.git

m4b bingrep Greps through binaries from various OSs and architectures, and colors them. Current backends: ELF 32/64, arm, x86, openrisc - all others will parse and color, but relocations won't show properly Mach 32/64, arm, x8

pixelb ps_mem A utility to accurately report the core memory usage for a program Yes the name is a bit weird. coremem would be more appropriate, but for backwards compatible reasons the ps_mem name remains. Install: pip install ps_me

lucioveloso lambda-toolkit Now compatible with Python 2 and 3. Now compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows. Top Features Invoke locally lambdas in your machine with simulated events or real events Easy import