A supercharged Git/GitHub command line interface (CLI). An official integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise: https://github.com/works-with/category/desktop-tools

An Official Integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. gitsome Why gitsome? The Git Command Line Although the standard Git command line is a great tool to manage your Git-powered repos, it can

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jonatasbaldin vim-tips Get nice Vim tips from the community :) Usage :Tip If you want a tip at one keystroke, add this to your .vimrc nnoremap <F5> :Tip<CR> If you want a tip everytime you open Vim, add this to y

dbcli mssql-cli We’re excited to introduce mssql-cli, a new and interactive command line query tool for SQL Server. This open source tool works cross-platform and proud to be a part of the dbcli.org community. Fe

fireworq Fireworqonsole A console to manage Fireworq daemons on a Web UI. Getting Started A release build is available on the releases page. For example, the following commands download and extract the Fireworqonsole b

mooz xkeysnail xkeysnail is yet another keyboard remapping tool for X environment written in Python. It's like xmodmap but allows more flexible remappings. Pros Has high-level and flexible remapping mechanisms, such as

chris-marsh PureLine - A Pure Bash Powerline PS1 Command Prompt Pureline is currently in development and subject to frequent changes. Updates are likely to change the format of the configuration file and therefore break configuration files f

spacekookie fool ♦ Why don't you just use the git cli? It's way faster. Why don't you run everywhere? It's exhausting. A powerful git commandline interface which is focused on usability. Use quick keyboard shortcuts to manag

mthbernardes Reverse Shell Generator - rsg A tool to generate various ways to do a reverse shell Usage example Reverse Shell fonts http://bernardodamele.blogspot.com.br/2011/09/reverse-shells-one-liners.html http://p

daxeel 📖 README.md just includes installation guide. You can find detailed guide in this wiki page BlockShell A command line utility for learning Blockchain technical concepts likechaining, mining, proof of work etc.