A supercharged Git/GitHub command line interface (CLI). An official integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise: https://github.com/works-with/category/desktop-tools

An Official Integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. gitsome Why gitsome? The Git Command Line Although the standard Git command line is a great tool to manage your Git-powered repos, it can

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brthor docker-push-ssh Push docker images from your local machine to remote servers without the hassle. Overview docker-push-ssh is a command line utility to push docker images from your local machine to your remote machi

amanusk The Stress Terminal UI: s-tui Stress-Terminal UI, s-tui, monitors CPU temperature, frequency, power and utilization in a graphical way from the terminal. Screenshot Table of Contents The Stress T

raghur Freaky fast fuzzy Denite/CtrlP matcher for vim/neovim This is a matcher plugin for denite.nvim and CtrlP. Read more at https://blog.rraghur.in/2018/09/27/fruzzy---a-freaky-fast-fuzzy-finder-for-vim/neovim/

devploit put2win Script to automate PUT HTTP method exploitation to get shell. Installation git clone https://github.com/sysdevploit/put2win cd put2win chmod +x put2win.sh Usage Script to automate PUT HTTP

Ziyadsk scc A Great cheat sheet and a quick reference command line tool for HTML, CSS and JS . Installing Download the project and run the install script. ./install.sh Usage scc [-h] [ -html [HTML] | -css

bheinzerling bunny https://twitter.com/tkasasagi/status/1045582451769192449 Usage: from bunny import bunny import time # simulate long training epoch def train_epoch(): time.sleep(0.3) # training loop epochs = range(1, 151)

darrikonn A todo command line todo manager

etienne-napoleone scrmbl Library and CLI for "scrambled" printing in terminal. Have you ever wanted to print your text like some corny action movies? note: the % are coming from my tty recorder Requirements Tested on Python &