Copy-paste friendly Bash one liners

One liners or simple functions for your terminal

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naiquevin pipdeptree pipdeptree is a command line utility for displaying the installed python packages in form of a dependency tree. It works for packages installed globally on a machine as well as in a virtualenv. Since pip freeze shows

PinkP4nther EroDir A fast web directory/file enumeration tool written in Rust Setup Debian/Ubuntu $ apt -y update && apt install libssl-dev pkg-config $ curl -sSf | sh $ source ~/.profile

valignatev Happy New Year, and happy winter! ASCII snow in your terminal Usage: python [SPEED] Where SPEED is integer representing percents. Less than 100 lines of code, yay! Tested on macOS and on Linux with Python2.

dbcli litecli Docs A command-line client for SQLite databases that has auto-completion and syntax highlighting. Installation If you already know how to install python packages, then you can install it via pip: You mi

cSquaerd CursaTetra A terminal-bounded block-based puzzle game written in Python/Curses This game is dedicated to Alexey Pajitnov, original author of Tetris. This version features: 80x24 character resolution Colored pie

davidtavarez is a python command-line tool for searching leaked credentials using the Onion service with the same name. Usage usage: [-h] [--target TARGET] [--list LIST] [--output OUTPUT] optional arg

simonw db-to-sqlite CLI tool for exporting tables or queries from any SQL database to a SQLite file. Installation Install from PyPI like so: pip install db-to-sqlite If you want to use it with MySQL, you can install t

bchao1 📚 vocabs 📚 A lightweight online dictionary integration to the command line. No browsers. No paperbacks. Setting Up $ pip install vocabs Features 📆 W