Store and display custom cli arguments with respective short descriptions.

edify This script stores and displays custom cli arguments with respective short descriptions, useful for OS X sysadmins. For a long time, whenever I've come across an interesting command or a specific argument to which I would

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theonejb sshenv sshenv is a Python 3 based CLI utility to manage multiple SSH environments. See What are SSH Environments section below for the rationale behind creating this. This is V0.5. While I have tested it as well as I can and it'

Wazzaps json interactive stream editor A tool inspired by Ultimate Plumber that uses jq to process JSON and show you the results instantly, to enable greater interactivity. A manual for jq can be found here. Download &

wkentaro video-cli Command line tools for quick video editing. Video-cli is made aiming at editing video with a one-line command on a terminal. You can do more detailed video editing using other Python tools (e.g., MoviePy) a

kitplummer clikan: CLI (Personal) Kanban There has been a little chatter about 'personal' kanban on the tubes lately. I don't know about the need to hype it as personal, but if you're looking to get your head wrapped around stuff needing to

kellyjonbrazil This tool serializes the output of popular gnu linux command line tools and file types to structured JSON output. This allows piping of output to tools like jq.

temken comparxiv A wrapper of latexdiff to compare two version of an arXiv preprint with a single command. Disclaimer: This is a beta version. Despite extensive testing, it does not work for all preprints on arXiv.

majjoha 🎧 voxctl voxctl is a command-line tool for controlling the VOX music player from the terminal. Under the hood, it works by proxying calls to VOX using JavaScript for Automation which was introduced in Mac OS X Yosemite. voxct

hauntsaninja pyp Easily run Python at the shell! Magical, but never mysterious. Installation Run pip install pypyp (note the extra "yp"!) pyp requires Python 3.6 or above. How it works pyp will statically analyse