Command-line Tools

Useful CLI-based tools for productivity.

Newest releases

ouuan Manage AUR packages in a GitHub repository, with CI tests and auto-publish :rocket:

jbyuki monolithic.nvim allows you to open multiple files in one buffer. It is an experimental plugin to explore code reading.

skyler544 This is some rough code that tries to get Nano Emacs (by Nicolas Rougier) and Doom Emacs (by Henrik Lissner) to play nice together.

beauwilliams Auto-Focussing Splits/Windows for Neovim!

chvolkmann Open a file in your locally running Visual Studio Code instance from arbitrary terminal connections.

skywind3000 Format current line immediately in INSERT mode as soon as you press ENTER:

gennaro-tedesco nvim plugin to show content of vim registers

rahulunair A command line tool to peek a remote repo hosted on github or gitlab locally and view it in your favorite editor. The tool handles cleanup of the repo once you exit your editor.

josh0xA Darkdump is a simple script written in Python3.9 in which it allows users to enter a search term (query) in the command line and darkdump will pull all the deep web sites relating to that query. Darkdump wraps up the

Bugswriter Tuxi is a simple bash script which scrape google search for getting instant answers of your question on your terminal.

terrortylor Toggle comments in Neovim, using built in commentstring filetype option; written in Lua. Without a doubt this plugin is not required and is a rip off of TPope's Commentary!

ikamensh flynt is a command line tool to automatically convert a project's Python code from old "%-formatted" and .format(...) strings into Python 3.6+'s "f-strings".

gabrieldejesus πŸ’» Main Git commands

sticky-tea A command-line system information tool written in x86 assembly language. Linux-only because of linux syscalls

kosayoda VSCode πŸ’‘ for neovim's built-in LSP.

mjambon Cheatsheet for adding command-line options to an OCaml program using cmdliner

xonsh The language is a superset of Python 3.6+ with additional shell primitives. xonsh (pronounced conch) is meant for the daily use of experts and novices alike.

b3nj5m1n Neovim plugin to comment text in and out, written in lua. Supports commenting out the current line, a visual selection and a motion/textobject.

theapache64 A CLI to interactively remove useless apps from your Android device.

wustho CLI Ebook (epub2, epub3, fb2, mobi) Reader

ernstwi Private writing mode for Vim

alexaandru Updates installed (or auto installs if missing) LSP servers, that are already configured in your init.vim.

piccolomo plotext plots directly on terminal, it has no dependencies the syntax is very similar to matplotlib.

joowani Command-line tool for looking up colors, shades and palettes.Supported color models: HEX, RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK

wang0618 Write interactive web app in script way.

lvoogdt Commandline tool for remembering linux/terminal commands. It stores your favorite commands in ~/ehh.json in your homedir and provides an interface for searching and running commands.

souravbaghz A tool made for specially scanning nearby devices[BLE, Bluetooth & Wifi] and execute our given command on our system when the target device comes in-between range.

ndbeals A command line utility to export Google Keep notes to markdown files with metadata stored as a frontmatter header.

Akianonymus Parallel processing of commands in pure bash along with the support of functions.

HugoDaniel A cli command that allows you to write <deno> tags in your html files.

oberblastmeister Make neovim the best note taking application. This plugin uses neovim 0.5 to be able to take advantage of the latest cool features

rvizzz Play text art animations in the terminal

lemnos A script which lets you set your $terminal theme.