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jbyuki A context menu creation toolkit for Neovim written in Lua.

himanoa GitHub based code review tool for neovim.

swdotcom Composite Github action to configure kubectl using the StrongDM CLI

FabriceSalvaire CodeReview CodeReview Home Page is located at Credits Authors: Fabrice Salvaire News V1 2017-12-20 Redesigned INotify

asottile dead dead simple python dead code detection installation pip install dead cli Consult the help for the latest usage: $ dead --help usage: dead [-h] [--files FILES] [--exclude EXCLUDE] [--tes

wemake-services flake8-eradicate flake8 plugin to find commented out (or so called "dead") code. This is quite important for the project in a long run. Based on eradicate project. Installation pip install flake8-e

pylava Pylava Pylava is a community maintained fork of Pylama. Pylava is a code audit tool for Python and JavaScript. Pylava wraps these tools: pycodestyle (formerly pep8) © 2012-2013, Florent Xicluna; pydocsty

facebookincubator Safe code refactoring for modern Python projects. Overview Bowler is a refactoring tool for manipulating Python at the syntax tree level. It enables safe, large scale code modifications while guaranteeing

agermanidis Livepython Watch your Python run like a movie. NOTE: Livepython is alpha software. It doesn't handle a lot of edge cases and features may change. Livepython is a desktop app that lets you visual

csurfer heat IPython magic command to profile and view your python code as a heat map using py-heat. Demo In case the demo was too fast, here is a snapshot of the last step of the demo for deeper contemplatio

openstack-archive Bandit A security linter from OpenStack Security Free software: Apache license Documentation: Source:

hhatto autopep8 autopep8 automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP 8 style guide. It uses the pycodestyle utility to determine what parts of the code needs to be formatted. autopep8 is capable of fixing most