A CLI tool to search for Python code in a path using jQuery-like selectors.

pyq A command-line tool to search for Python code using jQuery-like selectors Installation pip install pyqtool Notice: As the tool is still under heavy development, you may see that some features are not yet avail

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mihneadb python-execution-trace Trace the local context of a Python function's execution. You can step through any function's execution, viewing the values of all local variables at every step. All this by just adding a decorator to y

ramonsaraiva timy Minimalist measurement of python code time timy comes with a different idea of the built-in module timeit. It adds flexibility and different ways of measuring code time, using simple context managers and function

davidhalter Jedi - an awesome autocompletion/static analysis library for Python If you have specific questions, please add an issue or ask on stackoverflow with the label python-jedi. Jedi is a static analysis tool for Python that can b

lmacken pyrasite-gui A graphical interface for Pyrasite that lets you easily monitor, analyze, introspect, and alter running Python programs. documentation: http://pyrasite.com requirements: http://readth

bdarnell Plop: Python Low-Overhead Profiler Plop is a stack-sampling profiler for Python. Profile collection can be turned on and off in a live process with minimal performance impact. Plop is currently a work in progress and pretty roug

airbus-seclab Introduction What is BinCAT? BinCAT is a static Binary Code Analysis Toolkit, designed to help reverse engineers, directly from IDA or using Python for automation. It features: value analysis (registers and memory

facebook Pyre Pyre is a performant type checker for python. Getting Started To install Pyre on your system run pip install pyre-check and you should be good to go! Run it on your project with pyre --source-directory .

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