Backend agnostic cache decorator

cache_deco Implements high level function caching to any backend with a decorator Install pip install redis_cache_decorator Usage Setup from cache_deco import Cache from backends.redis.redis

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elixir-lang NOTE: the Registry source code has been merged into Elixir and will be included in Elixir v1.4. Registry A local, decentralized and scalable key-value process storage. See the documentation. This is a proposal implementation to

duboviy minicache Python memory caching utilities for Python 2 and 3 versions, also PyPy. by Eugene Duboviy Why? A major problem of funcy.memoize you couldn't test with it because there was no (obvious) way to turn

reclosedev requests-cache Requests-cache is a transparent persistent cache for requests (version >= 1.1.0) library. Usage example Just write: import requests import requests_cache requests_cache.install_cache('

mikeboers Memoize This is a (relatively) simple Python memoizing module (ie. a function cache), in which any dict-like can be used as the actual storage object. Basics Lets walk through a simple example. First we need somewhe

atmb4u Cashier Persistent caching for python functions Simply add a decorator to a python function and cache the results for future use. Extremely handy when you are dealing with I/O heavy operations which seldom changes or CPU intensi

apollographql apollo-cache-persist Simple persistence for all Apollo Client 2.0 cache implementations, including InMemoryCache and Hermes. Supports web and React Native. See all storage providers. Basic Usage To get started, sim

JLospinoso memcachedump is a tool for dumping the cache contents of exposed memcached servers into local text files. You'll need Python 3 along with Shodan API Key or ZoomEye Credentials. Running the tool: > python --help usag

AlexanderEllis Simple Cache in Python Cache server This is a simple cache server in python. I wrote about it here. Here are the steps for the first time an item is requested: Client requests item Cache server checks if it's