Automatic video summaries

Videodigest: Automatic Video Summaries Videodigest is a command-line utility for generating summaries of videos by (1) applying an automatic summarization algorithm to their subtitles to find the N most important sentences, then

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open-mmlab MMEditing is an open source image and video editing toolbox based on PyTorch

FerryYoungFan Convert audio files to visualized video

HaujetZhao Quick Cut 是一款轻量、强大、好用的视频处理软件。它是一个轻量的工具,而不是像 Davinci Resolve、Adobe Premiere 那样专业的、复杂的庞然大物。

parzulpan A cross-platform network media aggregation application that supports online viewing or listening of live video, HD TV and radio stations. 一个跨平台的网络媒体聚合应用,支持直播视频,高清电视和广播电台的在线观看或收听。

SilentNightx VitaDock+ is the new and improved VitaDock software used to create a PlayStation Vita docking station for video output to a TV.

AlfredoSequeida fvid is a project that aims to encode any file as a video using 1-bit color images to survive compression algorithms for data retrieval.

DorraY YouTube-Essence A Python script to download all the videos from a channel a user inputs, in mp4 format.

blackjack4494 youtube-dlc is a fork of youtube-dl with the intention of getting features tested by the community merged in the tool faster, since youtube-dl's development seems to be slowing down.