Speech recognition in Python made easy and flexible

Takk ** IMPORTANT: TAKK IS PART OF THE ARMANDO PLATFORM https://github.com/BlackLight/Armando ** ** THEREFORE USE IT BY CLONING THE ARMANDO PLATFORM GIT PROJECT ** Takk is more or less a Python and Unix-frie

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zzw922cn awesome-speech-recognition-speech-synthesis-papers automatic speech recognition/speech synthesis paper roadmap, including HMM, DNN, RNN, CNN, Seq2Seq, Attention Introduction Automatic Speech Recognition has been inves

aofdev vue speech streaming A Vue2 Performing Streaming Speech Recognition with Google Cloud Speech on Progressive Web App Authentication Visit the Google De

aofdev vue-speech A Vue2 Performs synchronous speech recognition with Google Cloud Speech on Progressive Web App Config Step 1 Enable the Cloud Speech API fo

espnet ESPnet is an end-to-end speech processing toolkit, mainly focuses on end-to-end speech recognition and end-to-end text-to-speech. ESPnet uses chainer and pytorch as a main deep learning engine, and also follows Kaldi style data processing, feature extraction/format, and recipes to provide a complete setup for speech recognition and other speech processing experiments.

LianjiaTech Athena is an open-source implementation of end-to-end speech processing engine. Our vision is to empower both industrial application and academic research on end-to-end models for speech processing. To make speech processing available to everyone, we're also releasing example implementation and recipe on some opensource dataset for various tasks (Automatic Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Voice Conversion, Speaker Recognition, etc).

buriburisuri Speech-to-Text-WaveNet : End-to-end sentence level English speech recognition using DeepMind's WaveNet A tensorflow implementation of speech recognition based on DeepMind's WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio. (Hereafter th

speechbrain SpeechBrain is an open-source and all-in-one speech toolkit based on PyTorch. The goal is to create a single, flexible, and user-friendly toolkit that can be used to easily develop state-of-the-art speech technologies, including systems for speech recognition, speaker recognition, speech enhancement, multi-microphone signal processing and many others.

pannous Tensorflow Speech Recognition Speech recognition using google's tensorflow deep learning framework, sequence-to-sequence neural networks. Replaces caffe-speech-recognition, see there for some background. Update Mozill

codeforequity-at Botium Speech Processing Botium Speech Processing is a unified, developer-friendly API to the best available free and Open-Source Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech services. What is it ? Botium Speech Processing i

at16k at16k Pronounced as at sixteen k Click here for live demo What is at16k? at16k is a Python library to perform automatic speech recognition or speech to text conversion. The goal of this project is to provide

Kyubyong Speech Recognition Using Tacotron Motivation Tacotron is an end-to-end speech generation model which was first introduced in Towards End-to-End Speech Synthesis. It takes as input text at the character level, and targe

tmc speechtotext streaming stdin to speech recognition tool via Google Cloud Speech gRPC API

flashlight wav2letter++ wav2letter++ is a fast, open source speech processing toolkit from the Speech team at Facebook AI Research built to facilitate research in end-to-end models for speech recognition. It is written entirely in C++ an

flashlight wav2letter++ wav2letter++ is a fast, open source speech processing toolkit from the Speech team at Facebook AI Research built to facilitate research in end-to-end models for speech recognition. It is written entirely in C++ an

coolEphemeroptera Accent recognition is closely related to speech recognition, It is easy to fall into the overfitting situation if we only do simple accent classification, hence we introduce speech recognition task to build a multi-task model.

zzw922cn Automatic-Speech-Recognition End-to-end automatic speech recognition system implemented in TensorFlow. Recent Updates Support TensorFlow r1.0 (2017-02-24) Support dropout for dynamic rnn (2017-03-11) Support

mravanelli The PyTorch-Kaldi Speech Recognition Toolkit PyTorch-Kaldi is an open-source repository for developing state-of-the-art DNN/HMM speech recognition systems. The DNN part is managed by PyTorch, while feature extraction, label comp

rolczynski Automatic Speech Recognition The project aim is to distill the Automatic Speech Recognition research. At the beginning, you can load a ready-to-use pipeline with a pre-trained model. Benefit from the eager TensorFlow 2.0 and free

Kevincoooool This is a comprehensive project that combines the powerful computing capabilities of ESP32, with functions such as speech recognition, image recognition, GUI learning, and FFT music spectrum. It is suitable for learning image recognition algorithms and making LVGL-based UI interfaces.

tts-tutorial Text to speech (TTS), or speech synthesis, which aims to synthesize intelligible and natural speech given text, has been a hot research topic in speech, language, and machine learning communities and has become an important commercial service in the industry.