Speech recognition in Python made easy and flexible

Takk ** IMPORTANT: TAKK IS PART OF THE ARMANDO PLATFORM https://github.com/BlackLight/Armando ** ** THEREFORE USE IT BY CLONING THE ARMANDO PLATFORM GIT PROJECT ** Takk is more or less a Python and Unix-frie

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tvytlx render-py A software 3D renderer written in Python that aims to make it easy for everyone to understand. 🍭 Features: basic rendering pipeline wireframe rendering z-buffer rendering textures

pums974 srtsync Automatic synchronizer of subtitles based on video or other subtitle Largely inspired by py-webrtcvad It can only stretch and shift subtitles for now. The synchronization to another subtitle is less accurate and EXPERI

natdebru OpenCV-Video-Label This Git repository implements a tkinter/opencv video player which will allow users to play videos and enables them to test their own algorithms in a user friendly environment. Besides, it supports two object t

egoist video2gif Convert Video (MP4/OGG/WEBM) to GIF. You known that GIF is saved as Video on Twitter, I made this tool to convert those tiny videos to GIFs by using HTML Canvas. Due to performance issue this is not suited for any

AdamSpannbauer Python Video Stabilization Python video stabilization using OpenCV. Full searchable documentation here. This module contains a single class (VidStab) used for video stabilization. This class is based on the work presente

alborrajo Sheetesia Convert Synthesia piano roll videos into MIDI Easily turn piano tutorials into music sheet How to use To compile this project you need cargo and opencv 4.1. Compile OpenCV generating a pkg-

facebookresearch Internship project on compressed video