Libraries for manipulating video and GIFs.

Newest releases

DorraY YouTube-Essence A Python script to download all the videos from a channel a user inputs, in mp4 format.

AlfredoSequeida fvid is a project that aims to encode any file as a video using 1-bit color images to survive compression algorithms for data retrieval.

SilentNightx VitaDock+ is the new and improved VitaDock software used to create a PlayStation Vita docking station for video output to a TV.

parzulpan A cross-platform network media aggregation application that supports online viewing or listening of live video, HD TV and radio stations. 一个跨平台的网络媒体聚合应用,支持直播视频,高清电视和广播电台的在线观看或收听。

HaujetZhao Quick Cut 是一款轻量、强大、好用的视频处理软件。它是一个轻量的工具,而不是像 Davinci Resolve、Adobe Premiere 那样专业的、复杂的庞然大物。

FerryYoungFan Convert audio files to visualized video

open-mmlab MMEditing is an open source image and video editing toolbox based on PyTorch

ancalentari This script allows you to record twitch streams live to .mp4 files.

viccowang DaVinci Resolve Tutorials Materials for beginners

SuperKogito 🔔 Pydiogment Pydiogment aims to simplify audio augmentation. It generates multiple audio files based on a starting mono audio file. The library can generates files with higher speed, slower, and dif

intel libXCam Copyright (C) 2014-2019 Intel Corporation libxcam core source code under the terms of Apache License, Version 2.0 Description: libXCam is a project for extended camera features and focus on image qu

fastaudio Fast AI Audio This is an audio module built on top of FastAI to allow you to quickly and easily build machine learning models for a wide variety of audio applications. We are an unofficial library and have no offici

audeering Utils and data sets for audio and PyTorch

vipul-sharma20 Tayuya Python library to generate guitar tabs from MIDI files Installation # Install globaly $ pip install tayuya # Install only for the current user $ pip install --user tayuya Usage >&

bastibe SoundCard SoundCard is a library for playing and recording audio without resorting to a CPython extension. Instead, it is implemented using the wonderful CFFI and the native audio libraries of Linux, Windows a

facebookresearch Internship project on compressed video

alborrajo Sheetesia Convert Synthesia piano roll videos into MIDI Easily turn piano tutorials into music sheet How to use To compile this project you need cargo and opencv 4.1. Compile OpenCV generat

AdamSpannbauer Python Video Stabilization Python video stabilization using OpenCV. Full searchable documentation here. This module contains a single class (VidStab) used for video stabilization. This class is based on the wor

jonhoo Superimposer — combine presentation videos with slides You have: pdf slides and a video of you talking about them. You want: a video of your slides with you in the corner. You need: superimposer. So, you present

egoist video2gif Convert Video (MP4/OGG/WEBM) to GIF. You known that GIF is saved as Video on Twitter, I made this tool to convert those tiny videos to GIFs by using HTML Canvas. Due to performance issue this is not suit

natdebru OpenCV-Video-Label This Git repository implements a tkinter/opencv video player which will allow users to play videos and enables them to test their own algorithms in a user friendly environment. Besides, it supports tw

pums974 srtsync Automatic synchronizer of subtitles based on video or other subtitle Largely inspired by py-webrtcvad It can only stretch and shift subtitles for now. The synchronization to another subtitle is less accurate

tvytlx render-py A software 3D renderer written in Python that aims to make it easy for everyone to understand. 🍭 Features: basic rendering pipeline wireframe rendering z-buffer rendering

LingDong- {Shan, Shui}* Procedurally-generated vector-format infinitely-scrolling Chinese landscape for the browser. Generate your own on (or Alternative link). Some examples: {Shan,

mopidy Mopidy Mopidy is an extensible music server written in Python. Mopidy plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more. You edit the playlist from any phone, tablet, or computer using

bbc Brave This project is an open-source prototype. See 'Project status' and 'License' below for more. Brave is a Basic real-time (remote) audio/video editor. It allows LIVE video (and/or audio) to be received, manipula

kkroening ffmpeg-python: Python bindings for FFmpeg Overview There are tons of Python FFmpeg wrappers out there but they seem to lack complex filter support. ffmpeg-python works well for simple as well as complex s

MasonEgger PyTheory: Music Theory for Humans This (work in progress) library attempt to make exploring music theory approachable to humans. True Scale -> Pitch Evaluation >>> from pytheory import TonedS

mitmul PyNVVL PyNVVL is a thin wrapper of NVIDIA Video Loader (NVVL). This package enables you to load videos directly to GPU memory and access them as CuPy ndarrays with zero copy. The pre-built binaries of PyNVVL inclu

nyavramov WEBMARIZER What is it? Webmarizer is a GUI wrapper for FFmpeg. What does it do? One click - multiple GIFS or WEBMs from a single video. WEBMARIZER automatically 'summarizes' a video by creati

dukebw lintel Lintel is a Python module that can be used to decode videos, and return a byte array of all of the frames in the video, using the FFmpeg C interface directly. Lintel was created for the purpose of developing m

nussl Flexible easy-to-use audio source separation nussl (pronounced "nuzzle") is a flexible, object oriented Python audio source separation library created by the Interactive Audio Lab at Northwestern University. It