Web Asset Management

Tools for managing, compressing and minifying website assets.

Newest releases

mkdocs MkDocs Project documentation with Markdown. View the MkDocs documentation. Project release notes. Visit the MkDocs wiki for community resources, including third party themes and a list of MkDocs users.

miracle2k Asset management application for Python web development - use it to merge and compress your JavaScript and CSS files. Documentation: https://webassets.readthedocs.io/ Since releases aren't exactly happening on

jaysonsantos jinja-assets-compressor A Jinja2 extension to compile and/or compress your assets. Installing pip install jac For LESS and CSS support, install less: npm install -g less For COFFEE support, instal

django-compressor Django Compressor processes, combines and minifies linked and inline Javascript or CSS in a Django template into cacheable static files.