Third-party APIs

Libraries for accessing third party services APIs

Newest releases

Mr-Steal-Your-Script RSAW is a very light API wrapper, made for Saidit. It allows easier access to Saidit's API and its endpoints, returning a raw JSON result.

sw-yx Full Amplify Storage demo showing how to build an app to upload and navigate files in AWS S3

bacen API Pix: O Sistema de Pagamentos Instantâneos do Brasil.

jenicek This is a Python implementation of the ASMK approach published in ICCV 2013

innogames This is an AS3 to Haxe converter that tries to be very smart and precise about rewriting code.

aiogram Is a pretty simple and fully asynchronous framework for Telegram Bot API written in Python 3.7 with asyncio and aiohttp.

PiotrMachowski This custom integration provides a way to present a live view of a map for a Xiaomi vacuum.

foobuzz Fetch your Spotify data (playlists and listenings) and add it to a Sqlite database. See examples of queries you can then run on this database.

mxrch GHunt is an OSINT tool to extract a lot of informations of someone's Google Account email.

crinny Gatee is a Telegram bot that carefully analyzes every user that joins your chat to determine whether they could be a spammer or a malicious bot. Gatee offers high customizability, while offering no inconvinience to legit users.

anxdpanic Watch your favorite YouTube content on Kodi

francesco-p If you're a hardcore GPU user, and if you are competing with your collegues for the usage of lab's GPU, this tool is for you.

Py-Contributors Open your First PR (Pull Request) and contribute towards Open Source

rushabh-v An automated workflow that generates/updates an HTML doc to showcase your GitHub contributions.

saadhaxxan This is a complete project series on implementing hacking tools available in Kali Linux into python.

SHUR1K-N A super dope tool that attends your Google Meet(s) for you. Flawlessly handles scheduled multiple (subsequent) Meet sessions. Also disables the camera & microphone, and shows timestamps of joining & ending times for each Meet. Bro

svpino Very few services out there let you schedule threads on Twitter. (Yes, I know some do, don't @ me now with the list.)

chenyanming Yet Another Anki Client

eyaadh Megatron was a telegram file management bot that helped a lot of users, specially movie channel managers to upload their files to telegram by just providing a link to it. The project initially started as roanuedhuru_bot which late

Azure Repository with Azure API Management release notes.

delvin-fil Автоматический переводчик без использования Google.API

oryon-osint QueryTool is an OSINT framework based on Google Spreadsheets. Its designed to automate the creation of queries within the popular search engines to get the desired results.

Azure Every two weeks, the Cloud Native Global Black Belt team at Microsoft will hold a call to showcase new features, talk through important topics and engage in a Q&A regarding Azure Kubernetes Service and related Cloud Native technol

SamadiPour برنامه جمع آوری لینک بات ناشناس افراد توییتر

link1107 Automatic compliments sending via telegram.

banteg A contract that recycles all your [DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, yCRV] into yCRV and further into yUSD vault.

nidhaloff A flexible free and unlimited python tool to translate between different languages in a simple way using multiple translators.

faraazahmad An interative app to explore plublic APIs which you can use to build side projects.

sheuronazxe A simple chat notifier for Twitch streamers without viewers

banditml Bandit ML is a lightweight decision making & personalization framework built by experts from Facebook's applied reinforcement learning team, Reagent. Bandit ML gives users access to state of the art contextual bandit and reinforce

Mizan-Ali A python script that automatically joins a zoom meeting based on your timetable.

Hsury ☁️ 哔哩哔哩云,支持任意文件的全速上传与下载 ☁️

vipul-sharma20 An application for Slack based standups. This is a Flask server application to handle Slack callbacks, create/submit standups, report to a channel etc.