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beem-africa A Python library to easy the integration with the Beem Africa SMS Gateway

backtrackbaba Python API wrapper for CoWin, India's digital platform launched by the government to help citizens register themselves for the vaccination drive by booking an appointment at the nearby vaccination centres

facebookincubator Cinder is Instagram's internal performance-oriented production version of CPython 3.8. It contains a number of performance optimizations, including bytecode inline caching, eager evaluation of coroutines, a method-at-a-time JIT, a

AbirHasan2005 A Telegram Video Watermark Adder Bot in Pyrogram by @AbirHasan2005

Arthurdw Python wrapper for the dogehouse API Documentation You can find the documentation at Installation pip install dogehouse Example


sunyuqian1997 3.24更新 演示视频: CSDN: aistudio notebook:https:/

Ixyk-Wolf Simple and lightweight Spotify Overlay written in Python.

knadh tg-archive uses the Telethon Telegram API client to periodically sync messages from a group to a local SQLite database file, downloading only new messages since the last sync. It can then generate a static archive website of messa

jmfernandes This is a library to use with Robinhood Financial App. It currently supports trading crypto-currencies, options, and stocks. In addition, it can be used to get real time ticker information, assess the performance of your portfolio

callsmusic Telegram Voice Chat UserBot A Telegram UserBot to Play Audio in Voice Chats. This is also the source code of the userbot which is being used for playi

h0nde Discord API client based on sel-requests, primarly focused on evading Discord's TLS fingerprint bot detection.

techtanic Script to add all udemy paid/free courses having coupons automatically to your udemy account

wogong flomo bot 使用 Telegram 机器人发送笔记到你的 Flomo. 你需要有一台可访问 Telegram 的服务器。 Steps @BotFather 新建机器人,获取 token Flomo 官网获取 API,链接

open-telemetry OpenTelemetry Python API and SDK

xditya Telethon Bot Simple base used to make a Telegram Bot in telethon. Join @BotzHub! Note: The client, here, is named BotzHub. Fork and add your plugins t

1d8 Python based RAT that uses Telegram for sending commands and receiving data to and from a victim computer.

TroJanzHEX Auto Filter Bot ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ You can call this as an Auto Filter Bot if you like :D Bot simply search for the files from provided channel according

xyou365 AutoRclone: rclone copy/move/sync (automatically) with thousands of service accounts

salesforce aws-allowlister Automatically compile an AWS Service Control Policy that ONLY allows AWS services that are compliant with your preferred compliance fr

micah5 Ace Attorney reddit bot 👨🏼‍⚖️ Reddit bot that turns comment chains into ace attorney scenes. You'll need to sign up for streamable and reddit and se

cmoon4 Backyard Birdbot Introduction This is a silly hobby project to use existing ML models to: Detect any birds sighted by a webcam Identify which species

panacloud Bootcamp 2021: Learn to Build AI and AIoT Serverless Multi-Tenant SaaS APIs in Baby Steps and Build Your SaaS Startup Covid-19 propelled businesses in

halljson A lightweight clojure wrapper for the Robinhood Web API.

cyberark A tool for scanning Azure blob storage accounts for publicly opened blobs.

stripe The Stripe Python library provides convenient access to the Stripe API from applications written in the Python language. It includes a pre-defined set of classes for API resources that initialize themselves dynamically from API re

TeamUltroid A stable pluggable Telegram userbot, based on Telethon.

cjbarrie Repo containing code to loop through usernames/hashtag and collect tweets from Full Archive v2 API endpoint. Uses new pagination_token query params.

brandongalbraith An AWS Pentesting tool that lets you use one-liner commands to backdoor an AWS account's resources with a rogue AWS account - or share the resources with the entire internet 😈

TheWallStreetAnalytics An endeavor to create an analytics tool to democratize the information hedge funds are creating teams to collect.

dupontgu This code is meant to accompany this project in which a Spotify client is built into an iPod "Classic" from 2004. Everything is meant to run on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

robmarkcole Read vehicle license plates with which offers free processing of 2500 images per month. You will need to create an account and get your API token.

stypr Clubhouse API for Python. Standalone client included. For reference and education purposes only