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vinifmor guapow is an on-demand and auto performance optimizer for Linux applications. This project's name is an abbreviation for Guarana powder (Guaraná is a fruit from the Amazon rainforest with a highly caffeinated seed).

SaintFenix Awesome-BSD-PPP Port, Programs, and Projects! This repository will function as a list of interesting ports, programs, and Projects for newbies and vet

corakwue Ftrace is a Python library for parsing and analyzing performance/power of Linux-based platform (e.g.Android). It relies on Function Tracer (Ftrace) - an internal tracing framework introduced in Linux kernel (>= 2.6.27).

sumerc Yet Another Python Profiler, but this time thread&coroutine&greenlet aware.

touqir14 A high performance python hash table library that is generally faster and consumes significantly less memory than Python Dictionaries. It currently supports Python 3.5+.

facebookarchive Python3 Memory Analyzer For Running Processes Chasing down a memory leak? Don't want to add debugging code, or even stop your process? You've come to the right place. memory_analyzer Running the m

pythonprofilers Memory Profiler This is a python module for monitoring memory consumption of a process as well as line-by-line analysis of memory consumption for python programs. It is a pure python module which depends on the psut

nschloe Performance analysis for Python. tuna is a modern, lightweight Python profile viewer inspired by SnakeViz. It handles runtime and import profiles, has no Python dependencies, uses d3 and bootstrap, and avoids certain

Parsl Parsl - Parallel Scripting Library Parsl is a parallel programming library for Python. Parsl augments Python with simple, scalable, and flexible constructs for encoding parallelism. Developers annotate Python fun

pyutils line_profiler is a module for doing line-by-line profiling of functions. kernprof is a convenient script for running either line_profiler or the Python standard library's cProfile or profile modules, depending on what is available

joerick pyinstrument Pyinstrument is a Python profiler. A profiler is a tool to help you 'optimize' your code - make it faster. It sounds obvious, but to get the biggest speed increase you should focus on the slowest part

pympler Development tool to measure, monitor and analyze the memory behavior of Python objects in a running Python application.

benfred Py-Spy: A sampling profiler for Python programs. Py-Spy is a sampling profiler for Python programs. It lets you visualize what your Python program is spending time on without restarting the program or modifying the c

strizhechenko netutils-linux It's a useful utils to simplify Linux network troubleshooting and performance tuning, developed in order to help Carbon Reductor techsupport and automate the whole linux performance tuning pro

stackimpact StackImpact Python Profiler Overview StackImpact is a production-grade performance profiler built for both production and development environments. It gives developers continuous and historical code-level vie

mjansson rpmalloc - Rampant Pixels Memory Allocator This library provides a public domain cross platform lock free thread caching 16-byte aligned memory allocator implemented in C. The latest source code is always available at

csurfer pyheat Profilers are extremely helpful tools. They help us dig deep into code, find and understand performance bottlenecks. But sometimes we just want to lay back, relax and still get a gist of the hot zones in o

wolfv JET - compiling NumPy The JET library offers a simple way to make Python, and especially NumPy code run faster. This is achieved by transparently converting Python/NumPy operations to performant C++. Overvi

quora asynq is a library for asynchronous programming in Python with a focus on batching requests to external services. It also provides seamless interoperability with synchronous code, support for asynchronous context managers, and

Maratyszcza Portable Efficient Assembly Code-generator in Higher-level Python (PeachPy) PeachPy is a Python framework for writing high-performance assembly kernels. PeachPy aims to simplify writing optimized assembly ke

asciimoo Memspector Inspect memory usage of python functions Features Thread handling External tool, doesn't require code modification Check memspector --help for command line options Installat