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evgenii-nikishin JAX code for the paper "Control-Oriented Model-Based Reinforcement Learning with Implicit Differentiation"

lucidrains Implementation of NWT, audio-to-video generation, in Pytorch

ngscheurich Iris is a Neovim package that generates a normalized color palette based on your colorscheme. It is named for the goddess Iris of Greek mythology, personification of the rainbow.

Jassi10000 This repo belongs to LGM-SOC'21 and contains important links to refer , in case participants want a one stop resource to learn a framework , language or anything

zaghaghi import json files directly in your python scripts

kwea123 Neural Scene Flow Fields using pytorch-lightning, with potential improvements

aporia-ai 🍫 Example code for a basic ML Platform based on Pulumi, FastAPI, DVC, MLFlow and more

hkchengrex Rethinking Space-Time Networks with Improved Memory Coverage for Efficient Video Object Segmentation

BleepLogger FaceFinder - Use a powerful CNN to identify faces in images

shahules786 Extract phrase in the given text that is used to express the sentiment. Capturing sentiment in language is important in these times where decisions and reactions are created and updated in seconds. But, which words actually lead t

bangoc123 This library belongs to our project: Papers-Videos-Code where we will implement AI SOTA papers and publish all source code. Additionally, videos to explain these models will be uploaded to ProtonX Youtube channels.

google Brax is a differentiable physics engine that simulates environments made up of rigid bodies, joints, and actuators. It's also a suite of learning algorithms to train agents to operate in these environments (PPO, SAC, evolutionary

RRethy Location and syntax aware text objects which *do what you mean*

rmagatti A small Neovim plugin for previewing goto definition calls in floating windows.

unl1k3ly Anchor Protocol Script that can save you from being liquidated!

planetis-m Thin interface for libFuzzer, an in-process, coverage-guided, evolutionary fuzzing engine.

YashIndane Rubik's cube assistant on Flask webapp. This webapp accepts the six faces of your cube and gives you the voice instructions as a response.

prusnak Tool for pretty printing and optimizing Lightning Network channels.

graph4ai This repo is to present various code demos on how to use our Graph4NLP library.

Priler Simple, yet effective moderator bot for telegram. With reports, logs, profanity filter and more :3

Liupold music downloader written in python. (Uses jiosaavn API)

yym6472 Code for our ACL 2021 paper - ConSERT: A Contrastive Framework for Self-Supervised Sentence Representation Transfer

rish-16 Unofficial PyTorch implementation of Attention Free Transformer (AFT) layers by Apple Inc.

charlesCXK [CVPR 2021] Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Cross Pseudo Supervision

megvii-research Official implementation for paper "SOLQ: Segmenting Objects by Learning Queries", SOLQ is an end-to-end instance segmentation framework with Transformer

raoyongming DynamicViT: Efficient Vision Transformers with Dynamic Token Sparsification

ZPdesu Abstract Seamlessly blending features from multiple images is extremely challenging because of complex relationships in lighting, geometry, and partial occlusion which cause coupling between different parts of the image.

rowanz PIGLeT: Language Grounding Through Neuro-Symbolic Interaction in a 3D World [ACL 2021]

lucidrains Implementation of Segformer, Attention + MLP neural network for segmentation, in Pytorch###{}

OATML Code for "Self-Attention Between Datapoints: Going Beyond Individual Input-Output Pairs in Deep Learning"

TheAlgorithms Algorithms implemented in the Julia programming language

kakaobrain Official repository for HOTR: End-to-End Human-Object Interaction Detection with Transformers (CVPR'21, Oral Presentation)

linkedin Greykite: A flexible, intuitive and fast forecasting library