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EricJMarti ⚡️ Get notified as soon as your next CPU, GPU, or game console is in stock

TyberiusPrime I3-instant-layout – Automatic 'list based' layouts for the i3 window manager

mesosphere Cloudkeeper is a standalone CLI tool that periodically collects a list of resources in cloud accounts, provides metrics about them, and can clean them up.

posativ Isso – Ich schrei sonst – is a lightweight commenting server written in Python and JavaScript. It aims to be a drop-in replacement for Disqus.

sumerc Yet Another Python Profiler, but this time thread&coroutine&greenlet aware.

andy-landy Adds variables to python traceback. Simple, lightweight, controllable. Debug reasons of exceptions by logging or pretty printing colorful variable contexts for each frame in a stacktrace, showing every value. Dump locals environme

undark-lab A python package for neural nested marginal posterior estimation.

muhaochen A paper list of research conducted based on wikiHow

limaosen0 Graph Cross Networks with Vertex Infomax Pooling (NeurIPS 2020) paper

jiangxiluning This an implementation of Deformable-DETR. Codes are based on DETR project. My code is inspired by his/her work. Many thanks.

drilistbox This repository contains the PyTorch test implementation of: Channel-wise Distillation for Semantic Segmentation

aterenin A Julia implementation of sparse Gaussian processes via path-wise doubly stochastic variational inference.

LinyangLee Token-Aware Virtual Adversarial Training Implementation

njulus This is the code of CVPR 2020 paper "Distilling Cross-Task Knowledge via Relationship Matching".

pubgeo Implementation of "Learning Geocentric Object Pose in Oblique Monocular Images", CVPR, 2020.

dylan-campbell Solving the Blind Perspective-n-Point Problem End-To-End With Robust Differentiable Geometric Optimization

thunlp Source code for EMNLP 2020 paper "Coreferential Reasoning Learning for Language Representation"

bryandlee StyleGAN2 Implementation of In-Domain GAN Inversion

nicklashansen Benchmark for generalization in continuous control from pixels, based on DMControl.

basilevh When can you detect whether an image has been cropped or not?

yanwei-li Fully Convolutional Networks for Panoptic Segmentation

thunlp Code and data of the AAAI-20 paper "Multi-channel Reverse Dictionary Model"

CSSLab Aligning Superhuman AI with Human Behavior: Chess as a Model System

Khrylx Official PyTorch Implementation of "Residual Force Control for Agile Human Behavior Imitation and Extended Motion Synthesis". NeurIPS 2020.

zhaofang0627 Human Parsing Based Texture Transfer from Single Image to 3D Human via Cross-View Consistency

jiawei-ren Code for the paper "Balanced Meta-Softmax for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition" on long-tailed visual recognition datasets

ShengyuH Official implementation of "PREDATOR: Registration of 3D Point Clouds with Low Overlap".

yuhuixu1993 This repository provides the PyTorch implementation of Batch Normalization with Enhanced Linear Transformation

verlab PyTorch implementation of our graph convolutional network (GCN) for human motion generation from music. Also with paired dance-music data for training!

lucidrains Pytorch reimplementation of Molecule Attention Transformer, which uses a slightly modified transformer to tackle the graph-like structure of molecules. The repository is also meant to be educational, to understand the limitations

microsoft GLGE: A New General Language Generation Evaluation Benchmark

talkpython Course demos and handouts for our Modern APIs with FastAPI course.

VainF Awesome Contrastive Learning