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evmn Know Thyself 中文版 Chinese Title Authors Mind Hacks 刘未鹏 编程随想: 2009 ~ 2021 Blog Archives Program Think 晚点 LatePost 宋玮…… English Blogs Title Authors Essay

clayjohn Volumetric Clouds This is a demo implementing one way of drawing volumetric cloudscapes in Godot sky shaders. This demo uses animated clouds generated

playoasis Libraries for Cairo development. Library lib ├─ array — array functions such as concatenation and equality. ├─ bitwise — bitwise left and right shift

verumlotus Primitive Theta Vaults Theta vaults leveraging Primtive's RMM-01 modeling the payoff function of a covered call. Primitive Finance is a new DeFi primi

chengwei-wang-ucsc GPlearn_finiance_stock_futures_extension This implementation contains the application of GPlearn's symbolic transformer on a commodity futures sector

doleron yolov5-opencv-cpp-python Example of performing inference with ultralytics YOLO V5, OpenCV 4.5.4 DNN, C++ and Python Looking for YOLO V4 OpenCV C++/Pyt

KyleJamesWalker PR Changes Matrix Builder This Action will generate a output variable that can be used to generate a dynamic matrix job. This is often need for repos

bytedance ParaGen ParaGen is a PyTorch deep learning framework for parallel sequence generation. Apart from sequence generation, ParaGen also enhances various N

facebookresearch SWAG: Supervised Weakly from hashtAGs This repository contains SWAG models from the paper Revisiting Weakly Supervised Pre-Training of Visual Percepti

n00py Adding DCSync Permissions Mostly copypasta from usage: [-h] -dc FQDN -t USERNAME [-hashes LMHASH:NTHASH

youzanai T'rex Park(霸王龙公园) Trexpark项目由有赞数据智能团队开源,是国内首个基于电商大数据训练的开源NLP和图像项目。我们预期将逐步开放基于商品标题,评论,客服对话等NLP语聊,以及商品主图,品牌logo等进行预训练的NLP和图像模型。 为什么是霸王龙? 霸王龙是有赞的吉祥物。呃,准确

facebookresearch Omnivore: A Single Model for Many Visual Modalities [paper][website] OMNIVORE is a single vision model for many different visual modalities. It learns

dabeaz pylox Python implementation of the Lox language from Robert Nystrom's Crafting Interpreters. This only implements th

quoll remorse Clojure to morse code conversion Usage Dependencies This can be included in deps.edn with the following entry in the :deps map: com.github.quo

libffcv ffcv ImageNet Training A minimal, single-file PyTorch ImageNet training script designed for hackability. Run to get... ...high accur

kongruksiamza 📖 เอกสารประกอบการสอน (PDF) 🔏 Blockchain & Smart Contract Blockchain เบื้องต้น Smart Contract & Solidity เบื้องต้น 💻 Programming เขียนโปรแกรมภาษา Ja

NatanaelAntonioli O que esse programa faz? Eu simplesmente não consigo aproveitar aulas online (e nem a maioria das presenciais), portanto estudo com slides e livros. P

P4nda0s IDAFrida A simple IDA plugin to generate FRIDA script. Edit template for functions or you can use the default template. Select functions you want to t

abigger87 TWAM • Time Weighted Asset Mints A minting harness enabling time-weighted assets to determine minting prices. How it works Requirements: maxMintingAmo

alvinliu0 Semantic-Aware Implicit Neural Audio-Driven Video Portrait Generation Code for "Semantic-Aware Implicit Neural Audio-Driven Video Portrait Generation"

p0dalirius CVE-2022-21907 - Double Free in http.sys driver Summary An unauthenticated attacker can send an HTTP request with an "Accept-Encoding" HTTP request he

CRED-CLUB DIAL Workloads on cloud provide equal opportunities for hackers as much as they do for internal teams. Cloud-native companies are open to attacks from

fuzzware-fuzzer Fuzzware Fuzzware is a project for automated, self-configuring fuzzing of firmware images. The idea of this project is to configure the memory ranges

ZeframLou Playpen Playpen is a set of modern, gas optimized staking pool contracts. Features Support for both ERC20 staking and ERC721 staking Can start new rew

zyn3rgy LDAP Relay Scan A tool to check Domain Controllers for LDAP server protections regarding the relay of NTLM authentication. If you're interested in the

antx-code CVE-2022-21907 Description POC for CVE-2022-21907: HTTP Protocol Stack Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. create by antx at 2022-01-17. Detail HTTP

bertsky ocrd_detectron2 OCR-D wrapper for detectron2 based segmentation models Introduction Installation Usage OCR-D processor interface ocrd-detectron2-segm

l3eol3eo CVE-2021-32099 SQLi Bypass login Useful when trying to read User Flag on Pandora.htb CVE-2021-32099 SQLi allow attacker bypass login. Target Exploit o

ashishpatel26 LeetCode_Solution LeetCode: # Title Difficulty Colab Code 1 Two Sum Easy 2 Add Two Numbers Medium 3 Longest Subst

ninegua IC Logger This motoko library provides a module to help create an append-only logger actor. Usage You can use this library with the vessel package man

araghava Cairo Black-Scholes Library Black-Scholes library implemented as a Cairo smart contract. All inputs, outputs, and internal calculations use 27-digit f

intel-analytics Distributed TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and BigDL on Apache Spark & Ray Analytics Zoo is an open source Big Data AI platform, and includes the followin