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ml-tooling 🏆 A ranked list of awesome python developer tools and libraries

formlio Use ForML to formally describe a data science problem as a composition of high-level operators. ForML expands your project into a task dependency graph specific to a given life-cycle phase and executes it using any of its supporte

jm199504 小型金融知识图谱构建流程

MAIF Shapash is a Python library which aims to make machine learning interpretable and understandable by everyone. It provides several types of visualization that display explicit labels that everyone can understand.

youngyangyang04 LeetCode 刷题攻略:配思维导图,100+经典算法题目刷题顺序、经典算法模板、共40w字的详细图解,以及难点视频题解。按照刷题攻略上的顺序来刷题,让你在算法学习上不再迷茫!

timkpaine Tributary is a library for constructing dataflow graphs in python. Unlike many other DAG libraries in python (airflow, luigi, prefect, dagster, dask, kedro, etc), tributary is not designed with data/etl pipelines or scheduling in

xv44586 ccf 2020 qa match competition top1

clvrai A comprehensive list of categorized reinforcement learning environments.

petercorke Spatial mathematics capability underpins all of robotics and robotic vision where we need to describe the position, orientation or pose of objects in 2D or 3D spaces.

cvdfoundation Fashionpedia is a new dataset which consists of two parts: (1) an ontology built by fashion experts containing 27 main apparel categories, 19 apparel parts, 294 fine-grained attributes and their relationships; (2) a dataset with e

ArjaanAuinger pyAudioDspTools is a python 3 package for manipulating audio by just using numpy. This can be from a .wav or as a stream via pyAudio for example. pyAudioDspTool's only requirement is Numpy.

amitness Chrome extension that adds video explanations to research papers on

octoml Apple-M1-BERT Inference

fsondej Spelling corrector in python. Currently supports English, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Portuguese and Spanish, but you can easily add new languages.

WangLiwen1994 Deep Relighting Network for Image Light Source Manipulation

piccolo-orm Piccolo - A fast, user friendly ORM and query builder which supports asyncio.

souravbaghz A tool made for specially scanning nearby devices[BLE, Bluetooth & Wifi] and execute our given command on our system when the target device comes in-between range.

ndbeals A command line utility to export Google Keep notes to markdown files with metadata stored as a frontmatter header.

zju3dv EasyMocap is an open-source toolbox for markerless human motion capture.

benawad Competitive Online Game for Programmers

Al1ex CVE-2020-36179~82 Jackson-databind SSRF&RCE

mottosso Treemap visualisation for Maya scene files

moodymudskipper Use Dynamic Columns in Data Frames

mathiasbynens Historical data on COVID-19 vaccination doses administered in Germany, per state.

BugBountyResources Goal of this repo is to track changes in targets and add/remove new/old targets, in order to perform reconnaissance en-masse, by putting them all in one place. Collecting all sub-domains at one place can make certain bulk operatio

matt8707 Home Assistant Core in docker on a Synology DiskStation DS918+. My use case is a wall mounted tablet [Samsung 10.1"] displaying Home Assistant in Fully Kiosk Browser and on desktop using applicationize (chrome). My configuration i

zoidbergwill A curated list of awesome projects related to eBPF.

d0nk Parler's unofficial API with all endpoints present in their iOS app

YunYang1994 🔥 TensorFlow Code for technical report: "YOLOv3: An Incremental Improvement"

auto-flow UltraOpt is a simple and efficient library to minimize expensive and noisy black-box functions, it can be used in many fields, such as HyperParameter Optimization(HPO) and Automatic Machine Learning(AutoML).

jrieke 🏆 A ranked gallery of awesome streamlit apps built by the community

nums-project NumS is a Numerical computing library for Python that Scales your workload to the cloud.

loseys Oblivion is a tool focused in real time monitoring of new data leaks, notifying if the credentials of the user has been leak out. It's possible too verify if any credential of user has been leak out before.