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safernandez666 Run Kong Server + Konga + Prometheus + Grafana + API & DDBB + Splunk

patrick-kidger A micro-library as a convenience for turning SymPy expressions into PyTorch Modules.

LingDong- Processing Demos made when reading the book *The Pocket Handbook for Image Processing Algorithms in C*

nickjj A production ready example Django app that's using Docker and Docker Compose.

gestalte-design zine machine is a compact 3d-printed block printing press.

bard Simulate Emacs user sessions. For end-to-end testing, hands-free screencast recording, probably more

CW-Huang "Convex Potential Flows: Universal Probability Distributions with Optimal Transport and Convex Optimization"

cheapETH The ETH chain and the cheapETH chain. We can assume the ETH chain has ~1000x more value than the cheapETH chain.

iamthefrogy Using the combination of different subdomain tools it tries to identify more subdomains using combination of bruteforce and other techniques.

Androz2091 🌀 What's really in your Discord Data package?

NS-Sp4ce CVE-2021-21972 Exploit

nautobot Nautobot was initially developed as a fork of NetBox (v2.10.4). NetBox was originally developed by Jeremy Stretch at Digital Ocean and the NetBox Community.

Simple2006 libmaths was created not only as a learning experience for me, but as a way to make mathematical models in seconds for Python users using math in their code. With pre-programmed mathematical functions ranging from linear to sextic

TeamUltroid A stable pluggable Telegram userbot, based on Telethon.

notiondog The easiest way to build simple, powerful websites with nothing but Notion.

wsw70 note was designed with a very specific target in mind: me, and my 2354 scraps of paper. It runs from the command line for simple note taking. See "Technical information" on how the notes are handled

scikit-rf scikit-rf (aka skrf) is an Open Source, BSD-licensed package for RF/Microwave engineering implemented in the Python programming language. It provides a modern, object-oriented library which is both flexible and scalable.

bootlin pdf-link-checker is a simple tool that parses a PDF document and checks for broken hyperlinks. This done by sending a simple HTTP request to each link found in a given document.

ath92 – interactive 3D fractal explorer in your web browser

ai-eks This is a simple worker for OpenClubhouse to sync CH channel data.

davidmckayv The idea is that some functions should randomly execute. This is implemented as a standard python decorator but using random.randint as a coin flip to decide whether or not the decorated function executes.

sourabh-joshi This repository is an archive of emails that are sent by the awesome Quincy Larson every week.

mandarons iCloud-drive-docker is a simple iCloud drive client in Docker environment. It uses pyiCloud python library to interact with iCloud drive server.

aiqc Framework for local, reproducible, batched deep learning for research

shunsukesaito This repository contains the code for the paper "PIFu: Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution Clothed Human Digitization"

replicate Keepsake is a Python library that uploads files and metadata (like hyperparameters) to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. You can get the data back out using the command-line interface or a notebook.

VITA-Group [preprint] "Sandwich Batch Normalization" by Xinyu Gong, Wuyang Chen, Tianlong Chen and Zhangyang Wang

ermongroup PyTorch implementation for the ICLR 2020 paper "Understanding the Limitations of Variational Mutual Information Estimators"

epfml Abstract: Mini-batch stochastic gradient methods (SGD) are state of the art for distributed training of deep neural networks.

ChuanMeng Code for SIGIR-2020 full paper: DukeNet: A Dual Knowledge Interaction Network for Knowledge-Grounded Conversation

pvjosue Optimization framework developed in Pytorch, allowing calibration, and joint optimization of optics and deep learning models.

Elin24 Awesome Low-light Enhancement

DerwenAI Graph-Based Data Science: an abstraction layer in Python for building knowledge graphs, integrated with popular graph libraries – atop Pandas, RDFlib, pySHACL, RAPIDS, NetworkX, iGraph, PyVis, pslpython, pyarrow, etc.