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DevrajDC ResourcesHub - Complete hub for all your resources. Illustrations Resource Name Link Humaans https

Maagan-Michael Invitease Description A self contained invitation management system for gatekeeping. Purpose Serves as a focal point for inviting guests to a venue pr

tdihp AKSWINPOSTINIT -- AKS Windows node post provisioning initialization Features This is a tool that provides one-time powershell script initilization for

lucasricci Awesome Manim ⭐ A community-driven list of awesome content creators utilizing the python framework Manim, which let's you create mathematical animatio

sasomiddinov1 39-dars PIP VA TASHQI KUTUBXONALAR KIRISH Avvalgi darsimizda Python bilan birga o'rnatluvchi, standart kutubxona va undagi ba'zi foydali modullar bila

RoseTheFlower Subverse ultrawide and wider The tool removes the side black bars displayed in the game at 21:9 and wider aspect ratios. The in-game FMVs are pre-rend

Team-SCV CSM: Construction Safety Management system 1. 서비스 소개 개요: 공사현장에서의 최적의 안전진단기술을 통한 고도화된 시스템으로 개선하고자 함 목표: 안전 관련 주요 시각데이터를 Cross-Domain으로 활용하여 통합 안전 관리기술의

ALX1SGit certbot_fg_update Python Script for signingn LetsEncrypt certificate with certbot, and update them into Fortigate (to be used into the WEB VPN or Load

grkek Anonymous A minimal web scraper implementation inspired by Crawly Installation Add the dependency to your shard.yml: dependencies: anonymous: gi

itayhubara Accelerated Sparse Neural Training: A Provable and Efficient Method to FindN:M Transposable Masks Recently, researchers proposed pruning deep neural n

vvanglro cf_clearance Reference from playwright_stealth and undetected-chromedriver Purpose To make a cloudflare challenge pass successfully, Can be use cf_cle

Snektron Run make W=width H=height Output look a little something like [email protected]@B%8&W#* [email protected]%8&W#oakd [email protected]@[email protected]%8&M*ohbpwZ &8%[email protected]@@

ktrask bs-weihnachtsmark-auslastung Fetch the capacity data of the braunschweig christmas market 2021 The data is fetched from the official site: https://www

felps-dev pysintegra é uma lib simples com o objetivo de facilitar a geração do arquivo SINTEGRA seguindo o Convênio ICMS 57/95. Com o surgimento do SPED, muito

ShypanLib Shypan Shypan, a simple, easy to use, full-featured library written in Python. Installing and Supported Versions Requests is available on PyPI: $ py -

viljarjf waffle Spinning waffle from waffle shaped python code Based on a parametric curve: r(t) = 2 - 2*sin(t) + (sin(t)*abs(cos(t)))/(sin(t) + 1.4) projected

colinoflynn Hardware Hacking Resources This repo holds some of the examples used in Colin's Hardware Hacking talk at Remoticon 2021. You can see the very sketchy

3000IQPlay Some Sushi phobos v2 edition idk Btw sorry for calling it rat (didnt checked whole code), it had only HWID 💀 Origin

linusericsson Why Do Self-Supervised Models Transfer? Investigating the Impact of Invariance on Downstream Tasks This repository contains the official code for the

RunDavidMC IoniFaucet A place for IoniFaucet's changelog and feature requests. For any bugs, feature requests, or other ideas, please open an issue. View the cha

AlphaTechnolog Onedarker Onedarker is a beautiful custom theme based on the awesome onedark colors. This colorscheme is extracted from the lunarvim project This is m

DaanVervacke pyToledo pyToledo is a Python library to interact with the common virtual learning environment for the Association KU Leuven a.k.a Toledo. Motivation

michaelwittmann hackatum2021 This repo shall provide you a collection of inspirations, examples, libraries and frameworks for the hackaTUM-2021 Content This repositor

Krafi2 Jeskape Have you ever wanted to map keys in insert mode, but found that it causes the mapped keys to lag? This happens because neovim waits until it i

UnbanTheAccounts ArcaeaAutoplay (AutoJS Version) A Python script that transcript Arcaea chart file (.aff file) into AutoJS touchscreen script which automatically plays

go-lark awesome-lark A curated list of awesome Feishu/Lark APIs, libraries, and resources. Platforms 飞书开放平台 LARK Developer Libraries SDK Golang go-lark/lark:

yukyunglee 🤗 huggingface transformers resources 🤗 huggingface transformers를 사용하면서 정리한 자료들을 아카이빙 합니다. # Requirements transformers==4.5.0 00 Introduction 1) Wha

forentfraps Twitch Points Miner for multiple accounts with Discord logging Creator of the Twitch Miner -- PLEASE NOTE THIS IS PROBABLY BANNABLE -- Made on python

intflow Introduction YOLOX_AUDIO is an audio event detection model based on YOLOX, an anchor-free version of YOLO. This repo is an implementated by PyTorch. M

stefmolin Beyond the Basics: Data Visualization in Python The human brain excels at finding patterns in visual representations, which is why data visualizations

BCH-BitcoinCash Split BitcoinABC and BitcoinCash Full Guide using a How To Split Your Fork Coins (Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin ABC) Instructions: How to Spli

lmcintyre AnimAssist Provides a quick and easy way to mod animations in FFXIV. You will need: Before anything, the VC++2012 32-bit Redist from here. Havok will