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eatonphil pyc A simple Python to C compiler written in Python making use of libpython. Posts Writing a simple Python compiler: 1. hello, fibonacci Requirements

Ohraincu JDNet:Joint Self-Attention and Scale-Aggregation for Self-Calibrated Deraining Network Cong Wang*, Yutong Wu*, Zhixun Su †, Junyang Chen <* Both autho

routetonull NETBOX RICH REPORT A script to creare a report of vlans, ip prefixes and ip addresses assigned to a site in Netbox. It uses rich to format output. Usa

xinzhuma Rethinking Pseudo-LiDAR Representation Introduction This project is based on our ECCV 2020 paper. In this work, we perform an in-depth investigation a

Universidade-Aberta-de-Computacao Universidade Aberta de Computação | UNIAC Se a sigla foi um trocadilho com ENIAC? Foi sim! O que é? O UNIAC é um projeto inspirado no maravilhoso proj

tushar1210 A minimal guide on how to ACE University Placements for CS Undergrads 🚀 Before I start rambling and giving unwanted 'gyaan', I would like to give a b

rr-learning Real Robot Challenge Simulation This repository is exclusively intended for participating in the simulation phase of the Real Robot Challenge. For sim

SocialistDalao UltraMIPS 项目说明 拥有友好代码和详细文档的基于双发射处理器的 UltraMIPS 系统设计 文档作者 李程浩,哈尔滨工业大学(深圳),2020届龙芯杯UltraMIPS团队队长。 [email protected] 项目人员 来自哈尔滨工业大学(深圳),2020届龙芯杯UltraMIPS团队

codingforentrepreneurs Websockets from Scratch with Python & JavaScript Learn how to use websockets from scratch by creating a micro version of Jupyter. We'll be using both

GDQuest Godot 2D JRPG Combat System This demo is an Active Time Battle system for Godot designed for the course Godot 2D Secrets. It's currently a work-in-pro

Insane-Forensics Dispatches from Drovorub: Network Threat Hunting for Russia GRU GTsSS' Malware at Scale Recently, the National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of I

SpEcHiDe Telegram Relay Bot This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERC

luyangzhu Reconstructing NBA Players [Project Page] [Paper] [Dataset] Overview This repository maintains the official implementation of our ECCV 2020 paper: Rec

rinabuoy Khmer Word Segmentation Word segmentation on Khmer texts is a challenging task since in Khmer texts, there is no explicit word delimiters such as a sp

huyanxin WaveSplit-pytorch-incomplete need more time and computing resource for construction Attention ! This is a incomplete pytorch version WaveSplit impleme

TheFlash2k So someone found an exploit in Netflix Germany which you could use to easily bypass verification when you used the payment method as "Direct Debit" an

hoya012 automatic-mixed-precision-tutorials-pytorch Automatic Mixed Precision Tutorials using pytorch. Based on PyTorch 1.6 Official Features (Automatic Mixed

redjanym 🇦🇱 Awesome projects made by Albanians Curating the best projects that were made and mainly contributed by Albanian developers Android secure-storage

demist Репозиторий для агрегации обучающих и методических материалов для 1С-разработчиков. Просьба добавлять материалы в файл suggestions.txt через pull-requ

PixeyeHQ pixecs 🚀 A pragmatic entity-component-system (ECS) module for my gamedev needs. Introduction This project is a part of my future gamedev tech-stack o

cleardusk Towards Fast, Accurate and Stable 3D Dense Face Alignment By Jianzhu Guo, Xiangyu Zhu, Yang Yang, Fan Yang, Zhen Lei and Stan Z. Li. Introduction This

JuanDuGit DH3D: Deep Hierarchical 3D Descriptors for Robust Large-Scale 6DOF Relocalization Created by Juan Du, Rui Wang, Daniel Cremers at the Technical Univer

haideralipunjabi Quirky little python library for generating badges for your cli apps. Inspired & Python Port of cli-badges - nombrekeff Getting Started Installing As

salaboy Orchestrating Cloud Events Orchestrating Cloud Events with Knative and Zeebe. In this repository you will find all the resources for the talk named af

AnotherSamWilson miceForest: Fast Imputation with Random Forests in Python Fast, memory efficient Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations (MICE) with random forests.

ricardotachinardi Um disclaimer à Poli/USP: o bot foi um teste de conceito da biblioteca selenium para o python, não me responsabilizo pelo mal uso desse software por t

jeswinsimon 🇮🇳 Awesome Made by Indians An Awesome list for curating the best projects that were made by Indian developers. Open Source Projects > 20k 🌟 Hoppsco

amirassov 🌾 11th Place Solution of Global Wheat Detection Our team: Miras Amir, Or Katz, Shlomo Kashani Kaggle post Submission kernel: pseudo ensemble: detecto

alfarias Kaggle Kernels Compilation Image Source: Wikimedia Disclaimer: This compilation is still a work in progress. [ ✔ ] Converting urls to text hyperlinks.

calganaygun YoutubeTranscriber A Python script to search strings in YouTube videos. Uses Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API to generate transcripts. You can use Goog

ItsAwSM Python-for-Data-Analytics This course will teach you only the relevant topics in Python for starting your career in Data Analytics. While the Jupyter

WhitsonAS Rachford-Rice Contest This is the 25 + 1 year anniversary version of the 1995 Rachford-Rice contest. Can you solve the Rachford-Rice problem for all t

Nezzquikk NWMM-New-World-MiniMap Features: Automatically grabs position from "New World" Instance Live visualisation of player position on MiniMap Circular & re