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cfalta A list of vulnerabilities or design flaws Microsoft does not intend to fix. Since the number is growing, I decided to make a list

facebookresearch This repository contains a set of tools for working with the Common Objects in 3D (CO3D) dataset.

bcmi A curated list of papers, code and resources pertaining to image composition, including image blending, image harmonization, shadow generation, and object placement.

PRBonn Moving Object Segmentation in 3D LiDAR Data: A Learning-based Approach Exploiting Sequential Data (RAL/IROS 2021)

rednafi Hook Slinger acts as a simple service that lets you send, retry, and manage event-triggered POST requests, aka webhooks. It provides a fully self-contained docker image that is easy to orchestrate, manage, and scale.

rdbende A stunning theme for ttk based on Microsoft's Sun Valley visual style

mxrch Uncover the full name of a target on Linkedin.

MoH-Malaysia Official data on the COVID-19 epidemic in Malaysia. Powered by CPRC, CPRC Hospital System, MKAK, and MySejahtera.

xinntao Real-ESRGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for General Image Restoration.

KuangDD 语音合成工具箱,Text To Speech Toolkit,多种音色可供选择的语音合成工具。

ZhendongWang6 An official repository for Paper "Uformer: A General U-Shaped Transformer for Image Restoration".

kinduff 🇲🇽 A collection of amazing open source projects built by mexican developers

decentology Primary repository for all information related to Fast-Floward Bootcamp session 1

MunifTanjim UI Component Library for Neovim.

openspeech-team OpenSpeech provides reference implementations of various ASR modeling papers and three languages recipe to perform tasks on automatic speech recognition. We aim to make ASR technology easier to use for everyone.

deepmind JAX is a library resulting from the union of Autograd and XLA for high-performance machine learning research. It provides NumPy, SciPy, automatic differentiation and first-class GPU/TPU support.

1injex Manage your VM in Azure using cookies.

kemaloksuz Official PyTorch Implementation of Rank & Sort Loss [ICCV2021]

isaaccorley PyTorch implementation of popular datasets and models in remote sensing tasks (Change Detection, Image Super Resolution, Land Cover Classification/Segmentation, Image-to-Image Translation, etc.) for various Optical (Sentinel-2, La

dinosaure contruno is a TLS termination proxy is a proxy server that acts as an intermediary point between client and server applications, and is used to establish TLS tunnels with let's encrypt certificates.

JulesGM A web search server for ParlAI, including Blenderbot2.

PySimpleGUI A hotkey manager that runs in the system tray. Uses PySimpleGUI for the GUI and the system tray.

Jeff-sjtu Code for "Human Pose Regression with Residual Log-likelihood Estimation", ICCV 2021 Oral

nerdsinspace I'm going to share more information about nocom here, the parts that didn't make sense to put into a Fit script.

SteveMCarroll A practical guide to how to pronounce non-English names for English speakers

sysprog21 This project keeps the Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide reasonably up to date, with working examples for recent 5.x kernel versions. The guide has been around since 2001 and most copies of it on the web only describe old 2.6.

prajwollamichhane11 Performing the following operations using python on PDF.

iytdl Asynchronous Standalone Inline YouTube-DL Module

KyleZheng1997 This repository contains PyTorch evaluation code, training code and pretrained models for ReSSL.

naver-ai This code is official implementation of "NeuralWOZ: Learning to Collect Task-Oriented Dialogue via Model-based Simulation".

ryxcommar Implementation of Stata's tabulate command in Pandas for extremely easy to type one-way and two-way tabulations.

DarkCoderSc Run shellcode through InnoSetup code engine.

dadulo3 Websites for data hoarders - grouped by category