This package will allow you to remove all manual validations from your controllers.

Laravel Auto-validation This package will allow you to remove all manual validations from your controllers. Installation Simply go to your project directory where the composer.json file is located and type in your ter

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typetools Please see the Checker Framework manual. It appears in this repository (after you run `make -C checker/manual`): * checker/manual/manual.html * checker/manual/manual.pdf Prebuilt versions also appear on the web: * http://types.cs.

GaryOderNichts Bloopair Bloopair allows connecting controllers from other consoles like native Wii U Pro Controllers on the Wii U. It temporarily applies patches to

LeoNatan LNPopupController LNPopupController is a framework for presenting view controllers as popups of other view controllers, much like the Apple Music and Podcasts apps. See a video of the modern popup look & fee

andresinaka SwiftCop is a validation library fully written in Swift and inspired by the clarity of Ruby On Rails Active Record validations. Objective Build a standard drop-in library for validations in Swift while making it easily ext

HugoForrat LaTeX-Vim-User-Manual A reformatting of the Vim user manual using LaTeX. This is mainly for people who'd like to read the Vim manual cover to cover. This was done by downloading the html version of the user manual, as they were t

zllrunning video-object-removal Just draw a bounding box and you can remove the object you want to remove. Installation All the code has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04, Python 3.5, Pytorch 0.4.0, CUDA 8.0, GTX1080Ti GPU. Clone

heartcombo MailForm Rails 5 This gem was built on top of ActiveModel to showcase how you can pull in validations, naming and i18n from Rails to your models without the need to implement it all by yourself. This README refers

music4kid PLeakSniffer We are building controllers most of the time, memory leaks happen within controllers. Retain cycle stops controller from being released, UIView objects within controllers somehow get held by other objects, PLeakSniff

oliviertassinari babel-plugin-transform-react-remove-prop-types Remove unnecessary React propTypes from the production build. Installation npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-transform-react-remove-prop-types

dspinellis The Fourth Research Edition Unix Programmer's Manual This repository maintains the tools for typesetting and making available the Unix Programmer's Manual (Fourth Edition, November 1973). The generated typeset manual is made av

GMaiolo Remove W3Schools Install straight from the Chrome webstore Chrome plugin to remove W3Schools results in google searches Feel free to open issues or send pull requests for improvements/suggestions/bugs. Manual Inst

typedbyte switch switch is a library for interacting with Nintendo Switch controllers, written in Haskell. It allows your application to detect controllers via

go-playground Package validator Package validator implements value validations for structs and individual fields based on tags. It has the following unique features: Cross Field and Cross Struct validations by using validation tag

Mindinventory OTPViewMaster A custom verification code view with inbuild validations & Auto fill OTP on keyboard, which can be used for OTP(One time password), verification codes. You can find the OTPView Swift Package Manager(SPM) from ht

spotahome Kooper Kooper is a simple Go library to create Kubernetes operators and controllers. What is Kooper? Kooper is a set of utilities packed as a library or framework to easily create Kubernetes controllers and operato

VitorLuizC vue-form-container A Provider Component that encapsulate your forms and handle their states and validations. Under the hood it uses valite, a light an

silpion Composer Checker A simple tool for various composer related checks and validations. Usage $ php bin/composer-checker Available commands: help Displays help for a command list Lists commands chec

saber-hq Assorted checks and validations for writing safer Solana programs. 😎

lemire despacer Fast C library to remove white space from strings (also called "strip white space") We want to remove the space (' ') and the line feeds characters ('\n', '\r') from a string as fast as possible. To avoid unnecessary

flplv ssh-allow-friend This is a bash script to temporarily allow a ssh login using friends public key automatically fetched from online servers. Example usage: ./ssh-allow-friend --github my-friend-user-name The script will fetch my-frien

jackullrich syscall-detect PoC capable of detecting manual syscalls from usermode. More information available at: