Fast PHP framework made with very loose optional components.

Nimble is a super fast mini-framework for PHP built on top of optional loose components. Installation Clone the repository $ git clone [email protected]:neoighodaro/nimble.git CD into your projects directory and run comp

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teivah goptional is a lightweight library to provide a container for optional values in golang. Initialization // Create an optional with an initial value opt, _ := optional.Of(5) // An optional created with a nil value returns an

treeform JSONy - A loose, direct to object json parser with hooks.

nofeaturesonlybugs Package set is a small wrapper around the official reflect package that facilitates loose type conversion and assignment into native Go types.

nikic PHP Parser This is a PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.4 parser written in PHP. Its purpose is to simplify static code analysis and manipulation. Documentation for version 4.x (stable; for running on PHP >= 7.0; for parsing PHP 5.2 to PHP

helloguille preact-php-server-render-example Example on using Preact and PHP V8-JS to server-render preact components. Requeriments PHP >5.6 PHP v8js Extension: NPM Package manager

linasmnew React Graceful Image An image component for gracefully dealing with image errors, by providing optional lazy loading, optional placeholder and configurable retries on failure. Particularly useful in situations where your applicat

null2 #Skidder A flexible jQuery slideshow plug-in that supports centering, swiping and responsive scaling. ##Features optional paging optional cycling optional centering optional image scaling, also on resize iOS-like swiping on to

JohnSundell ✅ Require Require lets you easily require Optional values to be non-nil, or crash gracefully. Sometimes you have optional values in your code that are not really optional, and will cause your application to enter an

DanielaE An educational C++20 implementation of Boost.Optional that also is-a C++20 std::optional.

laruence Yaf - Yet Another Framework PHP framework written in c and built as a PHP extension. Requirement PHP 7.0+ (master branch)) PHP 5.2+ (php5 branch) Install Install Yaf Yaf is a PECL exte

Anyon3 NinjaCMS ABOUT forbidden the access web for the following directory : cache/ php/Crypt/ php/File/ php/La/ php/Math/ php/Net/ php/System/ php/Library/ php/security/ EXTRA The directory extra/ contain the

laruence Yar - Yet Another RPC framework for PHP Light, concurrent RPC framework for PHP(see also: Yar C framework, Yar Java framework) Requirement PHP 7.0+ (master branch)) PHP 5.2+ (php5 branch) Curl Json Msgpa

matsp Material Components Vue Material Design styled components for Vue.js Material-components-vue integrates the mdc-web (by google) vanilla components fol

amphp amp amphp/amp is a non-blocking concurrency framework for PHP applications. Learn more about amphp/amp in the guide. Required PHP Version PHP 5.5+ Optional Extension Backends Extensions are only needed if your app

barbushin PHP Console server library PHP Console allows you to handle PHP errors & exceptions, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely and many other things using Google Chrome extension PHP Console and PhpConsole server libra

php-mock PHP-Mock: mocking built-in PHP functions PHP-Mock is a testing library which mocks non deterministic built-in PHP functions like time() or rand(). This is achieved by PHP's namespace fallback policy: PHP will fall back to glo

php-webdriver php-webdriver – Selenium WebDriver bindings for PHP Description Php-webdriver library is PHP language binding for Selenium WebDriver, which allows you to control web browsers from PHP. This library is compatible

UnionOfRAD li₃ You asked for a better framework. Here it is. li₃ is the fast, flexible and the most RAD development framework for PHP. A framework of firsts li₃ is the first and only major PHP framework built from the

jxnblk tachyons-components React UI components powered by Tachyons with a styled-components like API. npm install tachyons-components import styled from 'tachyons-components' const Button = styled('button')` f6 f5-ns fw6 d

gojuno Koptional — Minimalistic Optional type for Kotlin Disclaimer: We don't think that Kotlin itself needs Optional because it has strong null-safe type system that effectively eliminates need in such a wrapper. However there are

connor-brooks Requirements GNU/Linux make gcc libglfw3 libglew2.0 libglfw3-dev libglew-dev ffplay (optional) python3 (optional) matplotlib (optional) How to use Install dependencies $ sudo apt-get install libglfw3 libglew