Rapid Laravel UI Starter

LaraFly Laravel (MIT) | Patternfly (CC BY 4.0) Laravel 5.4 [Modern PHP Application Framework] + Patternfly 3.20 [Enterprise UI Framework] This project consists in a clean Laravel 5.4 installation with auth scaf

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kejodion Package no longer maintained Please consider Laravel AJAX CRUD instead: https://github.com/kdion4891/laravel-ajax-crud Laravel Admin Panel Laravel Admin Panel ("LAP") is a drop-in admin panel package for Laravel which promote

Maatwebsite Laravel Excel v2.1.* for Laravel 5 Looking for Laravel Excel for Laravel 4? Visit the 1.3 branch Laravel Excel brings the power of PHPOffice's PHPExcel to Laravel 5 with a touch of the Laravel Magic. It includes feature

jcc  创造不息,交付不止 Vue - Laravel - Example Vue - Laravel - Example is a simple example to set Vue 2.0 with Laravel 5.1. Install Clone the project to local git

codecasts Codecast's Single Page Application Starter Kit A highly opinionated Single Page Application starter kit built on top of Vue.js and Laravel. This packa

cretueusebiu Laravel-Vue SPA A Laravel-Vue SPA starter project template. Features Laravel 7 Vue + VueRouter + Vuex + VueI18n + ESlint Pages with dynamic import and custom layouts Login, register, email verifi

cretueusebiu Laravel-Nuxt A Laravel-Nuxt starter project template. Features Nuxt 2.11 Laravel 6 SPA or SSR Socialite integration VueI18n + ESlint + Bootstrap 4 + Font Awesome 5 Login, register, email veri

coryhouse A comprehensive starter kit for rapid application development using React. Why Slingshot? One command to get started - Type npm start to start development in your default browser. Rapid feedback - Each time you hit save, c

tiaanduplessis UNMAINTAINED - ⚡ Bolt Rapid starter for your next React Native project Built with ❤︎ by Tiaan and contributors Table of Contents Table o

torrix Out of the box, Laravel 8 ships with a default welcome template built with Tailwind CSS. On top of the base framework, Laravel JetStream provides two user interfaces (your choice of Laravel Livewire or InertiaJS) for login and register pages whilst Laravel Fortify provides the authentication backend.

general-mobile Android Kotlin MVVM Starter Android Kotlin Starter is a starter project which implements MVVM Pattern. Libraries It includes libraries RxJava2 and RxAndroid and RxKotlin Retrofit / OkHttp Gson Dagger 2 T

SoftwareAteliers ASP.NET Core Vue Starter The repository contains an ASP.​NET Core + Vue.js starter template. The template runs on ASP.NET Core 3.1 and is created by V

ivandov LoopBack Vue Starter The LoopBack Vue Starter template has a very minimal set of features pre-enabled. The starter template uses LoopBack v3.x for API

yedincisenol Laravel Api Startup "Laravel api startup" is a Laravel project for start build an Api quickly! TRAVIS: CIRCILE CI Features Docker Compose support Api Authentication with Laravel Passport User authen

mtrajano Laravel Swagger Laravel Swagger scans your Laravel project's endpoints and auto generates a Swagger 2.0 documentation for you. About Laravel Swagger works based on recommended practices by Laravel. It will parse y

sarfraznawaz2005 Laravel Noty Laravel package to incorporate beautiful noty notifications into laravel as flash messages. Tested with version 3.2.0 of noty. Screenshot Requirements PHP >= 5.6 Laravel 5 noty

fwartner This is a community project and not an official Laravel one What is Laravel Installer? Laravel installer includes all installers from the official laravel repositories such as for: Laravel Lumen Spark

SamAsEnd laravel make:scope command A very small laravel package to support make:scope command to laravel. You can read about query scopes on laravel documentation. Prerequisites PHP 7.2 or greater. Laravel 6.

alexusmai Laravel File Manager DEMO: Laravel File Manager Vue.js Frontend: alexusmai/vue-laravel-file-manager --- Laravel 7 support added but not fully tested!!

adnane-ka "Laravel Speaks Arabic" is a light weight ,open-source laravel package . It facilitates dealing with arabic concepts in Laravel Framework using a set of Classess and methods to make laravel speaks arabic! concepts like , Hijri Dates & Arabic strings and so on

laravel-frontend-presets Laravel 7.0+ Frontend preset for Tailwind CSS A Laravel front-end scaffolding preset for Tailwind CSS - a Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development. Usage Fresh install Laravel >= 7.0 and cd to your a

jjanampa Laravel Admin is a drop-in admin panel package for Laravel which promotes rapid scaffolding & development, uses Material Dashboard