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krayin Krayin CRM is a hand tailored CRM framework built on some of the hottest opensource technologies such as Laravel (a PHP framework) and Vue.js a progressive Javascript framework.

bastinald Laravel UI, Auth, & CRUD scaffolding package using Bootstrap & Livewire.

ryangjchandler A small package for adding UUIDs to Eloquent models.

Flowframe Optimize your images on the fly with Glide for Laravel.

DarkGhostHunter Per-user settings repository system for Laravel

spatie A highly configurable markdown renderer and Blade component for Laravel

lorisleiva πŸ—„ Load files and classes as lazy collections in Laravel.

spatie Cache & serve Google Fonts from your application

ElzeroWebSchool Online Store With PHP And Laravel Course Content

thepeerstack Official Laravel package for thepeer

cerbero90 Framework agnostic package to load heavy JSON in lazy collections.

archtechx Simple and flexible Laravel package template.

archtechx This is a simple and extensible package for improving SEO via meta tags, such as OpenGraph tags.

archtechx A lightweight full-stack component layer that doesn't dictate your front-end framework

bastinald Laravel + Livewire + Bootstrap 5 UI starter kit.

overtrue πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘ŽπŸ» User vote system for Laravel Application.

5am-code This package provides a simple and crisp way to access the Notion API endpoints, query data and update existing entries.

ryangjchandler Minimalistic token-based authorization for Laravel API endpoints.

zhuzixian520 Generate online api document by code annotation for yii2 easily

laravel-arcanist πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ Arcanist takes the pain out of building multi-step form wizards in Laravel.

clue Framework X – the simple and fast micro framework for building reactive web applications that run anywhere.

Wulfheart Display your Laravel routes in the console, but make it pretty. 😎

LeanAdmin Livewire Access This package adds PHP 8.0 attribute support to Livewire. In specific, the attributes are used for flagging component properties and me

spatie Add variables to the payload of all jobs in a Laravel app

morrislaptop Laravel Route Menu Your route:list, sir. route:list isn't great on smaller terminals. route:menu gives you a beautiful route list which is friendly on

adnane-ka "Laravel Speaks Arabic" is a light weight ,open-source laravel package . It facilitates dealing with arabic concepts in Laravel Framework using a set of Classess and methods to make laravel speaks arabic! concepts like , Hijri Dat

sibelius Testing building REST in PHP

bradtraversy This is an example of a REST API using auth tokens with Laravel Sanctum

TomKeyte A cache-aware HTTP2 Server Push implementation, for the Laravel framework

ryangjchandler Orbit is a flat-file driver for Laravel Eloquent. It allows you to replace your generic database with real files that you can manipulate using the methods you're familiar with.

kutia-software-company Introduction Larafirebase is a package thats offers you to send push notifications or custom messages via Firebase in Laravel. Firebase Cloud Messagin

symfony Runtime Component Symfony Runtime enables decoupling applications from global state. This Component is experimental. Experimental features are not cov

robersonfaria Documentation This librarian creates a route(default: /schedule) in your application where it is possible to manage which schedules will be executed a