PHP 5.3+ library which helps you to interact with the DigitalOcean API

DigitalOcean The version 2 of the API will be available soon ! Please visit DigitalOceanV2 and contribute :) This PHP 5.3+ library helps you to interact with the DigitalOcean API via PHP or CLI. DigitalOcean is built

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dunglas DunglasDigitalOceanBundle allows using the DigitalOcean API from your Symfony and API Platform projects. It registers the DigitalOcean PHP API Client as a Symfony service.

kbknapp docli-rs (pronounced "dockly") A command-line utility for managing DigitalOcean infrastructure via the DigitalOcean API v2 Disclaimer This utility is

nikic PHP Parser This is a PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.4 parser written in PHP. Its purpose is to simplify static code analysis and manipulation. Documentation for version 4.x (stable; for running on PHP >= 7.0; for parsing PHP 5.2 to PHP

Anyon3 NinjaCMS ABOUT forbidden the access web for the following directory : cache/ php/Crypt/ php/File/ php/La/ php/Math/ php/Net/ php/System/ php/Library/ php/security/ EXTRA The directory extra/ contain the

php-webdriver php-webdriver – Selenium WebDriver bindings for PHP Description Php-webdriver library is PHP language binding for Selenium WebDriver, which allows you to control web browsers from PHP. This library is compatible

dzt easy-proxy Mass proxy distribution made easy with the DigitalOcean API DOWNLOADS CAN BE FOUND HERE Community Discord Server Setup (for development) easy-proxy requires Node.js. Development Setup: $ git clone h

php-mock PHP-Mock: mocking built-in PHP functions PHP-Mock is a testing library which mocks non deterministic built-in PHP functions like time() or rand(). This is achieved by PHP's namespace fallback policy: PHP will fall back to glo

kovshenin Sail is a free CLI tool to deploy, manage and scale WordPress applications in the DigitalOcean cloud. For support and announcements join our Slack.

barbushin PHP Console server library PHP Console allows you to handle PHP errors & exceptions, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely and many other things using Google Chrome extension PHP Console and PhpConsole server libra

helloguille preact-php-server-render-example Example on using Preact and PHP V8-JS to server-render preact components. Requeriments PHP >5.6 PHP v8js Extension: NPM Package manager

facebookarchive Facebook SDK for PHP (v5) This repository contains the open source PHP SDK that allows you to access the Facebook Platform from your PHP app. Installation The Facebook PHP SDK can be installed with Composer. Run t

dotnet .NET Client for Docker Remote API This library allows you to interact with Docker Remote API endpoints in your .NET applications. It is fully asynchronous, designed to be non-blocking and object-oriented way to interact with you

swisskyrepo GraphQLmap GraphQLmap is a scripting engine to interact with a graphql endpoint for pentesting purposes. Install Features and examples Dump a GraphQL schema Interact with a GraphQL endpoint Execute Grap

powder96 Numbers.php Numbers.php - an advanced mathematics toolkit for PHP >= 5.3. It is a port of Numbers.js - same toolkit for JavaScript. There is a version of Numbers.php which supports PHP 5.2, but it is no longer developed: http

WordPress Requests for PHP Requests is a HTTP library written in PHP, for human beings. It is roughly based on the API from the excellent Requests Python library. Requests is ISC Licensed (similar to the new BSD license) and has no depe

basiliqio Basiliq is a very alpha REST API that replaces the need to write CRUD methods by exposing a standardized API to interact with a Postgres database

jnqpblc SharpTask SharpTask is a simple code set to interact with the Task Scheduler service API using the same DCERPC process as schtasks.exe, which open with TCP port 135 and is followed by the use of an ephemeral TCP port. This code i

symfony VarExporter Component The VarExporter component allows exporting any serializable PHP data structure to plain PHP code. While doing so, it preserves all the semantics associated with the serialization mechanism of PHP (__wakeup,

defuse php-encryption composer require defuse/php-encryption This is a library for encrypting data with a key or password in PHP. It requires PHP 5.6 or newer and OpenSSL 1.0.1 or newer. We recommend using a version of PHP that

phpearth Docker For PHP Developers Carefully crafted Docker images for PHP developers with latest PHP versions 7.1 and upcoming 7.2, Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed and Apache HTTP Server. PHP extensions installation script Composer instal

widop README The Wid'op Twitter REST library is a modern PHP 5.3+ API allowing you to easily interact with Twitter 1.1. In order to sign your request with the OAuth protocol, the library internally uses the widop/twitter-oauth. us