Third Party APIs

Libraries for accessing third party APIs.

Newest releases

taiwan-sms Every8d notifications channel for Laravel 5.3+ This package makes it easy to send notifications using [every8d] with Laravel 5.3+. Contents Installati

dunglas DunglasDigitalOceanBundle allows using the DigitalOcean API from your Symfony and API Platform projects. It registers the DigitalOcean PHP API Client as a Symfony service.

aunefyren Plex Wrapped A website and API for collecting Plex user stats within a set timeframe using Tautulli. Warning I made this for fun, and I am currently w

baselrabia it's a PACKAGE helps in integration paytabs payment gateway with laravel framework, If you are interested to know How it's working, Watch this youtube video below

spatie This package allows you to send interactive Slack notifications

joelbutcher Socialstream is a third-party package for Laravel Jetstream. It replaces the published authentication and profile scaffolding provided by Laravel Jetstream, with scaffolding that has support for Laravel Socialite.

beyondcode This is an unofficial PHP SDK to get statistics out of Fathom Analytics, as long as it does not offer an official API.

zef-dev PHP frameworks for handling conversational services like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Viber, FB messenger ...

symfony Provides Discord integration for Symfony Notifier.

openpesa This is where your description should go. Try and limit it to a paragraph or two, and maybe throw in a mention of what PSRs you support to avoid any confusion with users and contributors.

luizolivetti Componente para apoio de implementação de rotinas que utilizem o serviço PIX do Banco Central do Brasil.

gwleuverink A complete port of for Laravel Blade

intriarani INTBYTE is a simple application like Google Drive for sharing files between users with one another for free. Get interesting features for free for you to use without any cost. Even though it's free, you still have to obey the lice

YehudaEi R.I.P Mashov System (Telegram Bots system) - PHP

antonkomarev This counter designed to be an analytical instrument for you, but not for people who are visiting your profile. It could be used to see profile views dynamics as result of development activity, blogging or taking part in a confere

vitormattos A client for WhatsApp web in PHP

api-platform API Platform ActivityPub is a bundle for the API Platform framework and Symfony providing support for the ActivityPub protocol and for the ActivityStreams vocabulary.

inspiredminds This extension allows you to automatically import all videos of a YouTube playlist as news entries in Contao.

retinens A laravel wrapper to use instagram API and to cache posts

Kucoin PHP SDK for KuCoin API.

alyssaxuu Convert Figma frames into a Google Slides presentation 🍭

formapro PHP Telegram Bot.

googleapis Google APIs Client Library for PHP The Google API Client Library enables you to work with Google APIs such as Gmail, Drive or YouTube on your server. These client libraries are officially supported by Google. However

JoggApp Laravel package for the Google Translate API This package makes using the Google Translate API in your laravel app a breeze with minimum to no configuration, clean syntax and a consistent package API. I

metowolf 🍰 Wow, such a powerful music API framework Introduction A powerful music API framework to accelerate your development Elegant - Easy to use, a standardized format for all music platforms

facebookarchive Facebook SDK for PHP (v5) This repository contains the open source PHP SDK that allows you to access the Facebook Platform from your PHP app. Installation The Facebook PHP SDK can be installed with Compo

vintagesucks Instagram Export Exports all items on an Instagram profile to JSON using Instagram-API. Motivated by this tweet by Lea Verou. Usage Copy config.sample.php to config.php, fill out your details and run: comp

Shipu PHP SSL-Wirless Payment Client php-sslwireless-payment is a PHP client for SSL Wirless Payment Gateway API. This package is also support Laravel. Installation Go to terminal and run this command composer

FreeDSx FreeDSx LDAP FreeDSx LDAP is a pure PHP LDAP library. It has no requirement on the core PHP LDAP extension. This library currently implements most client functionality described in RFC 4511 and some very limited LDAP

chriskonnertz DeepLy is a next-generation translation service. It provides better translations compared to other popular translation engines. DeepLy is a PHP package that implements a client to interact with DeepL via t

botman BotMan If you want to learn how to create reusable PHP packages yourself, take a look at my upcoming PHP Package Development video course. About BotMan BotMan is a framework agnostic PHP library

googleapis A PHP client library for accessing Google APIs