A library for generating and validating passwords

PHP-PasswordLib Build Status Version The current version is considered Beta. This means that it is ready enough to test and use, but beware that you should update frequently. As this software is BETA, Use

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jeremykendall Password Validator Password Validator validates password_hash generated passwords, rehashes passwords as necessary, and will upgrade legacy passwords. Read the introductory blog post: PHP Password Hashing: A Dead Simple Implem

sethvargo Golang Password Generator This library implements generation of random passwords with provided requirements as described by AgileBits 1Password in pure Golang. The algorithm is commonly used when generating website passwords.

muesli crunchy Finds common flaws in passwords. Like cracklib, but written in Go. Detects: ErrEmpty: Empty passwords ErrTooShort: Too short passwords ErrTooFewChars: Too few different characters, like "aabbccdd" ErrTooS

RussellLuo validating A Go library for validating structs and fields. Features Simple Simple and stupid, no magic involved. Type-safe Schema is defined in Go, which is type-safer (and more powerful) than traditional stru

AqibMukhtar in-memory-otp is a lightweight JavaScript package for generating and validating OTP (One Time Password) maintaining high performance using on demand in-memory database.

itsalb3rt Agile visitors 📝 Application for registering employee entries with the possibility of generating reports, validating and storing users with minimal e

sethvargo Password Generator for HashiCorp Vault The Vault Password Generator is a Vault secrets plugin for generating cryptographically secure passwords and passphrases. This is both a real custom Vault secrets plugin, and an example o

philipperemy 1.4 Billion Text Credentials Analysis (NLP) Using deep learning and NLP to analyze a large corpus of clear text passwords. Objectives: Train a generative model. Understand how people change their passwords over time: hello

hackzilla Password Generator Library Simple library for generating random passwords. Requirements PHP >= 5.3.2 (No longer testing <= PHP 5.6, and next version will drop support) Installation Insta

egil Genzor - generating files with Blazor components Genzor is an experimental library ideally suited for generating files spanning multiple folders, usin

patniemeyer Generating Memoji from Photos This is the source code used in my article about generating Memoji from photos. Please refer to the original article for context: https://patniemeyer.github.io/2018/10/29/generating-memoji-from-phot

spy16 PySchemes PySchemes is a library for validating data structures in Python. PySchemes is designed to be simple and Pythonic. Features Simple representation of schema using primitive Python types (Or Complex types

magiclen Validators This crate provides many validators for validating data from users and modeling them to structs without much extra effort. All validators a

nette Nette Schema Introduction Handy library for validating data structures against a given Schema. Documentation can be found on the website. If you like Nette, please make a donation now. Thank you! Installatio

pchmn RxSocialAuth Android RxJava library for Social auth (Google, Facebook) and Smart Lock For Passwords Setup To use this library your minSdkVersion must be >= 15. In your project level build.gradle : allprojects

ShootrNetwork User Validator Library to validate username, email and passwords. Java library to validate typical user fields. Useful for validation when registering new users or logging in. #Show me the code!!! First, instance the validator

NLnetLabs Unbound is a validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver. It is designed to be fast and lean and incorporates modern features based on open standards.

ambitioninc kmatch A language for matching/validating/filtering Python dictionaries Installation To install the latest release, type: pip install kmatch To install the latest code directly from source, type: pip i

yoshuawuyts validate-formdata Data structure for validating form data. Features minimal GC pressure optimized for unidirectional rendering framework agnostic only a data structure, no opinions on UI about 50 lines of c

yunginnanet PxndScvm SOCKS5/4/4a validating proxy pool This package is for managing and accessing thousands upon thousands of arbitrary SOCKS proxies. Pipe it a f

vodkabears jsoncheck Tool for validating a batch of local or remote JSON documents by schemas. Usage Download the latest release: https://github.com/vodkabears/jsoncheck/releases/latest Run: ./jsoncheck [configuration fil