Libraries for generating secure random numbers, encrypting data and scanning and testing for vulnerabilities.

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ShinyQ About Laravel Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development must be an enjoyable and creative experie

laurentpf5 api-security-lab This repo contains files for customers and partners to practice an API Security with NGINX App-Protect WAF. To demonstrate the capabi

omerfdmrl Security Advanced Security Class for Php Features Secure From XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, BASE64, RFI, LFI, Command Injection, Block Suspicious Request

VissaMoutafis Open eClass 2.3 Disclaimer This repository contained a vulnerable version of eclass (check very first commit for initial version, if you want to exper

aaronduce passable A simple no-fuss selfhostable password generator. Built originally with an easy-to-use lightweight selfhosted password generator in mind. Hos

mrmekon snitch.el (pronounced like schnitzel) is a firewall for Emacs. snitch intercepts calls to create network connections or launch subprocesses. Through

iam-NVN SDMN CC Checker Bot A Telegram CC Checker Bot with hella lotta features. πŸš€ Features Admin Panel Ban a user Unban a user Mute a user Unmute a user Che

szabodanika Wake PC is a tiny self-hosted Wake-On-Lan (WOL) app written in PHP for linux machines that you can use to wake up machines on your local network.

HolyBugx Learn Cookies and Tokens Security in Practice.

theonemcdonald This is a port of original WireGuard UI bits as implemented by Netgate in pfSense 2.5.0 to a package suitable for rapid iteration and more frequent updating on future releases of pfSense.

m1guelpf Allow your users to link their Ethereum wallet to their account to skip entering their login credentials.

DarkGhostHunter Quickly and easily secure HTML text

nmattia niv Painless dependencies for Nix projects. Read more in the Getting started section below. Install Build Usage FAQ Install niv is available in nixpkg

swagkarna Rafel Rafel is Remote Access Tool Used to Control Victims Using WebPanel With More Advance Features.. Main Features : Admin Permission Add App To Whit

enlightn Your performance & security consultant, an artisan command away.

fabpot The Local PHP Security Checker is a command line tool that checks if your PHP application depends on PHP packages with known security vulnerabilities.

lukeraymonddowning A spam prevention package for Laravel, providing honeypot techniques, ip blocking and beautifully simple Recaptcha integration. Stop spam. Use Honey.

spatie This package allows you to easily generate a private/public key pairs, and encrypt/decrypt messages using those keys.

RichardStyles This package enables an additional layer of security when handling sensitive data. Allowing key fields of your eloquent models in the database to be encrypted at rest using AES-256-CBC.

echo-devim LiteWAF is a simple in-app Web Application Firewall. It is a single php script that must be included at the beginning of each page you want to protect. For each request, the script parses the parameters looking for well known atta

executium This PHP cryptocurrency websocket connects you to the executium cryptocurrency websocket network. This repository can be used for an array of projects where you require a live market feed.

SpiderMate B-XSSRF Toolkit to detect and keep track on Blind XSS, XXE & SSRF SETUP Upload the files to your server. Create a Database and upload database.sql file to it. Change

akaunting Web Application Firewall (WAF) package for Laravel This package intends to protect your Laravel app from different type of attacks such as XSS, SQLi, RFI, LFI, User Agent, and a lot more. It will also block

terrylinooo Shieldon is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for PHP. Taking less than 10 minutes only, PHP expert developers will understand how to implement Shiedon Firewall on their Web applications. The goal of this library is to make

mateusjunges Laravel ACL This package allows you to manage user permissions and groups in a database, and is compatible with Laravel v5.8 or higher. Please check the documentations. Tests Run composer test to t

php-casbin Laravel Authorization Laravel-authz is an authorization library for the laravel framework. It's based on Casbin, an authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC.

ziishaned PHP License php-license is a library for generating and parsing license. Requirements PHP >= 5.4 OpenSSL Generating Key Pair Make sure OpenSSL is configured on your m

cyc10n3 WPSpider- A WordPress Scanner (version 1.0b) A centralized dashboard for running and scheduling WordPress scans powered by wpscan utility. It has following features: Login Page- Authentication is required to

DarkGhostHunter This package has been abandoned. If you need Passwordless Authentication, migrate to Laravel Passwordless Login. Passless Passwordless Authentication Driver for Laravel. Just add water. Re

guardrailsio A curated list of awesome PHP Security related resources. List inspired by the awesome list thing. Supported by: Contents Tools Web Framework Hardening Static Code Analysis

php-casbin Yii-Casbin Use Casbin in Yii 2.0 PHP Framework. Installation Getting Composer package Require this package in the composer.json of your Yii 2.0 project. This will download the package. comp

erdemkeren Laravel OTP This package allows you to secure your resources with one time password access (otp). Example Usage: Route::get('secret', function (\Illuminate\Http\Request $request): string { $token = $requ