A library for handling physical quantities and the units of measure in which they're represented.

PHP Units of Measure master: Introduction This is a PHP library for representing and converting physical units of measure. The utility of this library is in encapsulating physical quantities in such a way that you do

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df7cb SI Units for PostgreSQL Christoph Berg [email protected] postgresql-unit implements a PostgreSQL datatype for SI units, plus byte. The eight base units can be combined to arbitrarily complex derived units using operators defined in th

Cysharp UnitGenerator C# Source Generator to create Value object pattern, also inspired by units of measure to support all arithmetic operators and serializat

keijiro BoltMinis is an add-on for Unity's Bolt visual scripting system that adds custom units for handling MIDI input.

Crisu83 php-conversion Library for converting units and sizes in PHP. Units supported Acceleration Angle Area Digital information Electric current Frequency Fuel consumption Length Luminous Intensity Ma

gabrielelana Byte Units This is a utility component for parsing, formatting, converting and manipulating byte units in various formats. Usage <?php // Bytes manipulation and formatting with explici precision echo ByteUnits\

gram-ai An Introduction to Deep Learning for the Physical Layer An usable PyTorch implementation of the noisy autoencoder infrastructure in the paper "An Introduction to Deep Learning for the Physical Layer" by Kenta Iwasaki on behalf of

alexellis Docker and IoT Get into physical computing with the Pimoroni Blinkt! add-on The Raspberry Pi is a low-energy microcomputer the size of a credit-card and has sold over 10 million units educating children and inspiring makers

kevelbreh Android Units A utility class for converting between different Android display units without requiring an application context. This uses the system global shared Resources object and is not configured for the current screen (can

llSourcell Neural Arithmetic Logic Units [WIP] Overview This is the code in this video on Youtube by Siraj Raval on Neural Arithmetic Logic Units. Credits for this code go to kevinzakka. This is a PyTorch implementation of Neur

ERPedersen vue-units A plugin for adding handy conversion filters to your Vue.js project. Based on the convert-units package made by @ben-ng. Installation Instal

shaohua0116 SELUs (scaled exponential linear units) - Visualized and Histogramed Comparisons among ReLU and Leaky ReLU Descriptions This project includes a Tensorflow implementation of SELUs (scaled exponential linear units) propo

Swizec useDimensions - a React Hook to measure DOM nodes Demo đŸ‘‰ check out demo page to see useDimensions in action Backstory :P The other day I wanted to measure some DOM nodes. This is useful when

stackrox KubeLinter is a static analysis tool that checks Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts to ensure the applications represented in them adhere to best practices.

JamelHammoud The time represented as hex color values

asamy ksm v1.6-dev A really simple and lightweight x64 hypervisor written in C for Intel processors. KSM has a self-contained physical memory introspection engine and userspace physical memory virtualization which can be enabled a

sebastianbergmann Library for calculating the complexity of PHP code units.

cashapp Paparazzi An Android library to render your application screens without a physical device or emulator. See the project website for documentation and APIs. Releases Our change log has release history. i

AugustRush A fantastic Physical animation library for swift(Not Just Spring !!!), it is base on UIDynamic and extension to it, friendly APIs make you use it or custom your own animation very easily! Support Integration

paholg Documentation Dimensioned A Rust library for compile-time dimensional analysis. Its goal is to provide zero cost unit safety while requiring minimal e

SciNim Unchained is a fully type safe, compile time only units library. There is absolutely no performance loss over pure float based code (aside from insertion of possible conversion factors, but those would have to be written by hand otherwise of course).

longmakesstuff The Lattice Boltzmann is a simple and relatively young method of Computational fluid dynamics. In contrast to traditional computational fluid dynamics based on the conservation of macroscopic quantities (mass, momentum, and energy), LBM models the fluid by the kinetics of particles that propagate and collide on a discrete lattice mesh. Due to this contrast, LBM has several interesting advantages for the studying of digital computing, such as ease of dealing with complex boundaries and parallelization of the algorithm.[2]. The following figure shows how fluid "particles" can be presented as a discrete model, making it effortless to write straight-forward modelling code.