Library for converting units and sizes in PHP

php-conversion Library for converting units and sizes in PHP. Units supported Acceleration Angle Area Digital information Electric current Frequency Fuel consumption Length Luminous Intensity Ma

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df7cb SI Units for PostgreSQL Christoph Berg [email protected] postgresql-unit implements a PostgreSQL datatype for SI units, plus byte. The eight base units can be combined to arbitrarily complex derived units using operators defined in th

triplepoint PHP Units of Measure master: Introduction This is a PHP library for representing and converting physical units of measure. The utility of this library is in encapsulating physical quantities in such a way that you do

kevelbreh Android Units A utility class for converting between different Android display units without requiring an application context. This uses the system global shared Resources object and is not configured for the current screen (can

renatorib Install yarn add react-sizes npm install react-sizes What and why React Sizes is a higher-order component with strong performance that transforms window sizes (width and height) into props. You can check in

gabrielelana Byte Units This is a utility component for parsing, formatting, converting and manipulating byte units in various formats. Usage <?php // Bytes manipulation and formatting with explici precision echo ByteUnits\

dustin Humane Units Just a few functions for helping humanize times and sizes. go get it as, import it as "", use it as humanize. See godoc for complete documentation.

marcosgriselli Sizes reduces the time it takes to evaluate all of our apps possible device sizes, orientations and font combinations. With Sizes we'll avoid launching all the supported devices simulator, running our app and navigating through ea

shaohua0116 SELUs (scaled exponential linear units) - Visualized and Histogramed Comparisons among ReLU and Leaky ReLU Descriptions This project includes a Tensorflow implementation of SELUs (scaled exponential linear units) propo

llSourcell Neural Arithmetic Logic Units [WIP] Overview This is the code in this video on Youtube by Siraj Raval on Neural Arithmetic Logic Units. Credits for this code go to kevinzakka. This is a PyTorch implementation of Neur

ERPedersen vue-units A plugin for adding handy conversion filters to your Vue.js project. Based on the convert-units package made by @ben-ng. Installation Instal

nikic PHP Parser This is a PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.4 parser written in PHP. Its purpose is to simplify static code analysis and manipulation. Documentation for version 4.x (stable; for running on PHP >= 7.0; for parsing PHP 5.2 to PHP

sebastianbergmann Library for calculating the complexity of PHP code units.

felipeferri Esta página em português ScreenSizesSimulator Use a single iOS device for testing your app in all iPhone sizes Do you test for different screen sizes when developing your iOS apps? You know you should, right? Running the same

Anyon3 NinjaCMS ABOUT forbidden the access web for the following directory : cache/ php/Crypt/ php/File/ php/La/ php/Math/ php/Net/ php/System/ php/Library/ php/security/ EXTRA The directory extra/ contain the

euskadi31 Opengraph Test with Atoum cd Opengraph/ curl -s | php php composer.phar install --dev ./vendor/atoum/atoum/bin/atoum --glob Tests/Units/ Writer <?php namespace Appl

walle gimli – utility for converting markup to pdf Description Gimli is a utility for converting markup to pdf files. Useful for reports and such things. It’s a developed version of textile2pdf to support multiple markup s

php-webdriver php-webdriver – Selenium WebDriver bindings for PHP Description Php-webdriver library is PHP language binding for Selenium WebDriver, which allows you to control web browsers from PHP. This library is compatible

barbushin PHP Console server library PHP Console allows you to handle PHP errors & exceptions, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely and many other things using Google Chrome extension PHP Console and PhpConsole server libra

php-mock PHP-Mock: mocking built-in PHP functions PHP-Mock is a testing library which mocks non deterministic built-in PHP functions like time() or rand(). This is achieved by PHP's namespace fallback policy: PHP will fall back to glo

helloguille preact-php-server-render-example Example on using Preact and PHP V8-JS to server-render preact components. Requeriments PHP >5.6 PHP v8js Extension: NPM Package manager

paholg Documentation Dimensioned A Rust library for compile-time dimensional analysis. Its goal is to provide zero cost unit safety while requiring minimal e