Libraries for working with notification software.

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rappasoft Laravel Authentication Log is a package which tracks your user's authentication information such as login/logout time, IP, Browser, Location, etc. as

CodepotatoLtd Using the database driver for laravel notifications is great, but then you need a way to communicate to your users if they've not logged in for a while. With Digestif we'll handle the digest emails for you.

jolicode JoliNotif PHP >= 5.4 JoliNotif is a PHP library to send notifications to your desktop directly from your script. It takes care of using the right binary available, without having to worry if you're running on

JacobBennett Server Push Middleware for Laravel 5 Server Push is a HTTP/2 concept which allows the server to speculatively start sending resources to the client. This can potentially speed up initial page load times: the brow

gomoob php-pushwoosh A PHP Library to easily send push notifications with the Pushwoosh REST Web Services. First sample, creating a Pushwoosh message // Create a Pushwoosh client $pushwoosh = Pushwoos

tamagokun Pomander A light-weight flexible deployment tool for deploying web applications. This project was inspired by Capistrano and Vlad the Deployer, as well as being built on top of Phake, a Rake clone. This project ca

namshi NAMSHI | Notificator Notificator is a very simple and lightweight library to handle notifications the smart way. It took inspiration from other libraries and patterns (Monolog and event dispatching) in order to pro

Ph3nol NotificationPusher Standalone PHP library for easy devices message notifications push. Feel free to contribute! Thanks. Requirements PHP 5.5+ PHP Curl and OpenSSL modules Specific adapters req

mac-cain13 Notificato Notificato takes care of push notifications in your PHP projects. Italian: notificato รจ: participio passato English: notified Why use Notificato instead of X? Notificato has some advantages

filp #Nod Notifications in PHP (notify-send, growl, etc) like that. ##Examples Letting Nod figure out the best Adapter to use (not recommend ATM, only works with some Linux environments): #!/usr/bin/env php &l