Don't let your servers just melt down

An easy to use powerful server monitor We all dream of servers that need no maintenance at all. But unfortunately in reality this is not the case. Disks can get full, processes can crash, the server can run out of memory...

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raygon-renderer Thermite SIMD: Melt your CPU NOTE: This crate is not yet on, but I do own the name and will publish it there when ready Thermite is a WIP SI

thesephist Thingboard is just a simple board for writing things down. Frequently when I'm working, I find myself looking for places to jot stuff down to help me think and organize, but I don't want to be shuffling pieces of paper around, and it's nice to be able to copy-paste notes from other tools I use. Thingboard fulfills this need for me by being a board for Post-it style notes I can move and resize. It saves data to your browser's local storage.

rock3r deep-clean A Kotlin script that nukes all build caches from Gradle/Android projects. Useful when Gradle or the IDE let you down ๐Ÿ’” ๐ŸŽฉ h/t to @Takhion for the original idea, and to @holgerbrandl for KScript. The

openblockchains Programming Blockchains Step-by-Step Let's build blockchains from scratch (zero) step by step. (Crypto) Hash Let's start with crypto hashes Classic Bitcoin uses the SHA256 hash algorithm. Let's try require 'digest

GameServerManagers LinuxGSM is the command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers. Hassle-Free Dedicated Game Servers Traditionally game servers are not easy to manage yourself

BaseSecrete Redis Dashboard A Sinatra web app showing monitoring informations about your Redis servers. You can run it in standalone or inside your Rails app. Features List of your redis servers Connections Memo

AndreiD Website Down Notifier on Slack A simple, one file script that notifies you on slack when your website is down. Configuration Step 1 - Get the script Simply copy paste the script

ijoshsmith Equatable code generator Suppose you have a struct in your Swift app like this: struct Person { let firstName: String let lastName: String let birthday: Date let inchesTall: Int } In order to allow Person ins

hakobast DropdownTextView Simple drop-down TextView for Android Intro Usage Adds drop-down to your layout via XML <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:app="

umurgdk ddnotes - drop down notes DDNotes opens a drop down terminal window to edit your notes. Features Listing notes with dmenu Creating new notes with dmenu Open/Hide last opened note with ddnotes last

KarimEbrahemAbdelaziz SwiftyMenu is simple yet powerfull drop down menu component for iOS. It allow you to have drop down menu that doesn't appear over your views, which give you awesome user experience. Screenshots Requirements

tribalworldwidelondon Cassowary Swift A Swift port of the Cassowary linear constraints solver. Tested on OS X, iOS and Linux. Example usage let solver = Solver() let left = Variable("left") let mid = Variable("mid") let right = Var

markopostma jquery.scrollfx A jQuery plugin that adds some cool effects when a user scrolls down the page. What is basically does is calculate the distance from the top to bottom of the selector when the user has scrolled down to determine

jbowyers About Responsive Menu jQuery Responsive Menu is a drop-down menu for responsive websites. It is a jQuery plugin that includes a JavaScript file and CSS file as well as sample HTML. Description: Drop-down Menu jQuery plugin fo

vyasgiridhar down Multi goroutine downloader. To download: go install Usage: down "" -g 8 -o page.html -g : Number of simultaneous threads to use -o : Output file name

jriosdev iOS DropDown Drop Down With Search for iOS It's a Swift Library to support Drop Down Menu in iOS Watch Video on : Support Search and Return Correct index Customizing hideOp

danielelkington Vue Camera Gestures Let users control your Vue app using AI, their camera, and gestures of their choice in just 1 line of HTML! Demo and full document

TheOrioli gcm The Android SDK provides a nice convenience library ( that greatly simplifies the interaction between Java-based application servers and Google's GCM servers. However, Google has not provided mu

fullstorydev gRPCurl grpcurl is a command-line tool that lets you interact with gRPC servers. It's basically curl for gRPC servers. The main purpose for this tool is to invoke RPC methods on a gRPC server from the command-line. gRPC serve

hannob snallygaster Finds file leaks and other security problems on HTTP servers. what? snallygaster is a tool that looks for files accessible on web servers that shouldn't be public and can pose a security risk. Typical ex

dlorch Simple DNS Server implemented in Go The Domain Name System (DNS) consists of multiple elements: Authoritative DNS Servers store and provide DNS record information, Recursive DNS servers (also referred to as caching DNS servers) a