A package to backup your Laravel app

A modern backup solution for Laravel apps This Laravel package creates a backup of your application. The backup is a zip file that contains all files in the directories you specify along with a dump of your database. The b

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pavel-mironchik Laravel Backup Panel Laravel Backup Panel provides a dashboard for spatie/laravel-backup package. It lets you: create a backup (full | only database | only files) check the health of your backups list all backups

nixys Nxs-backup Nxs-backup is an open source backup software for most popular GNU/Linux distributions. Features of Nxs-backup include amongst others: Support of the most popular storages: local, ssh, ftp, cifs(smb), nfs, webdav, s

kejodion Package no longer maintained Please consider Laravel AJAX CRUD instead: https://github.com/kdion4891/laravel-ajax-crud Laravel Admin Panel Laravel Admin Panel ("LAP") is a drop-in admin panel package for Laravel which promote

backup Backup This project is now in maintenance. No new features are planned. Backup is a system utility for Linux and Mac OS X, distributed as a RubyGem, that allows you to easily perform backup operations. It provides an el

Maatwebsite Laravel Excel v2.1.* for Laravel 5 Looking for Laravel Excel for Laravel 4? Visit the 1.3 branch Laravel Excel brings the power of PHPOffice's PHPExcel to Laravel 5 with a touch of the Laravel Magic. It includes feature

mammad2c A command line package to backup your repositories in your local from Gitlab. Because of U.S Sanctions there is high risk without any backup. This script supports for users that run gitlab on their own servers.

jcc  创造不息,交付不止 Vue - Laravel - Example Vue - Laravel - Example is a simple example to set Vue 2.0 with Laravel 5.1. Install Clone the project to local git

sarfraznawaz2005 Laravel Noty Laravel package to incorporate beautiful noty notifications into laravel as flash messages. Tested with version 3.2.0 of noty. Screenshot Requirements PHP >= 5.6 Laravel 5 noty

adnane-ka "Laravel Speaks Arabic" is a light weight ,open-source laravel package . It facilitates dealing with arabic concepts in Laravel Framework using a set of Classess and methods to make laravel speaks arabic! concepts like , Hijri Dates & Arabic strings and so on

Naoray laravel-reviewable This package adds a reviewable feature to your app. Install Laravel Version 5.7+ composer require naoray/laravel-reviewable Laravel Version 5.6+ composer require naoray/l

CoreProc Nova Notification Feed A Laravel Nova package that adds a notification feed in your Nova app and uses Laravel Echo and websockets to receive and broadcast notifications. Installation You can install the package

SamAsEnd laravel make:scope command A very small laravel package to support make:scope command to laravel. You can read about query scopes on laravel documentation. Prerequisites PHP 7.2 or greater. Laravel 6.

JoggApp Laravel package for the Google Natural language API This package makes using the Google Natural API in your laravel app a breeze with minimum to no configuration, clean syntax and a consistent package API. All methods accept

JoggApp Laravel package for the Google Translate API This package makes using the Google Translate API in your laravel app a breeze with minimum to no configuration, clean syntax and a consistent package API. Installatio

rchakra3 Thanks to jcsalterego for the idea and who's already implemented the same thing for bash Backup and Restore ZSH history Simple python script that can backup and restore your zsh history file to a sqlite db Dedups commands,

mtrajano Laravel Swagger Laravel Swagger scans your Laravel project's endpoints and auto generates a Swagger 2.0 documentation for you. About Laravel Swagger works based on recommended practices by Laravel. It will parse y

omartawba1 Start Laravel Start laravel is a simple start app to learn how to develop with laravel, You'll learn these components [Migration, Seeding, Routing, Controllers, Models, Validation, Requests, Views, Events, Notifications, Li

munafio Chatify Laravel Package It is a Laravel package to add a complete real-time chat system to your application with one command line. Requirements PHP >=5.3.2. Laravel >=5.4 Pusher Api Account.

gilbertchen Duplicacy: A lock-free deduplication cloud backup tool Duplicacy is a new generation cross-platform cloud backup tool based on the idea of Lock-Free Deduplication. This repository hosts source code, design documents, and binary

nelenkov Android backup extractor Utility to extract and repack Android backups created with adb backup (ICS+). Largely based on BackupManagerService.java from AOSP. Building Requires Java 7. Handling encrypted backups require

aristofun DL backup/restore nano framework Auto backup/restore model snapshots of deep learning models: to/from local filesystem to/from remote FTP server Current version supports only Keras >= 2.2 models. You're welcome to c