Baïkal is a Calendar+Contacts server

Baïkal This is the source repository for the Baïkal CalDAV and CardDAV server. Head to for information about installation, upgrading and troubleshooting. Upgrading Please follow the upgrade instruct

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tizisdeepan Events Calendar Single Selection Mode Range Selection Mode Multiple Selection Mode What is Events Calendar? Events Calendar is a user-friendly library that helps you a

codebytere node-mac-contacts Description $ npm i node-mac-contacts This Native Node Module allows you to create, read, update, and delete contact from users' contacts databases on macOS. All methods invoking the CNContac

FranckFreiburger vue-calendar-picker Calendar component vue-calendar-picker demo on jsfiddle Example - basic <template> <calendar></calendar> </template> <script>

StevenPreston SSCalendar Introduction SSCalendar is a UI library that can be used to display a calendar of events within your app. This calendar library was originally built in 2013 for a project that required a calendar experie

FalkoJoseph Things-calendar Installation npm install things-calendar Usage import ThingsCalendar from 'things-calendar'; &lt;ThingsCalendar ref={calendar =&gt; this.calendar = calendar} show={true} onS

stormseed Daykeep Calendar An event display calendar for the Quasar framework. Formerly known as Quasar Calendar, Daykeep Calendar for Quasar is a Quasar-flavor

nylas Nylas Components are a suite of UI building blocks that let you build user-facing email, calendar, and contacts functionality in minutes. Use Nylas Components with your Nylas account or by adding standard JSON data.

BelkaLab React-yearly-calendar React calendar component with yearly view. $ npm install react-yearly-calendar Demo Or taste an example usage below: var ReactDOM = r

IBM Vue A11Y Calendar Localized, accessible calendar and datepicker for Vue with no external dependencies. Installation $ npm install vue-a11y-calendar Peer Dependencies Vue A11Y Calendar depends on Vue 2.4

spatie Generate add to calendar links for Google, iCal and other calendar systems Using this package you can generate links to add events to calendar systems. Here's a quick example: Link::create( 'Birthday', DateTime::

KimWooHyun vue-lunar-calendar A vue component for lunar calendar. Uses Moment.js for date operations. This is the Korean lunar calendar. It is different from Chinese Lunar Calendar You can also use it as a solar(gregorian) calenda

KimWooHyun vue-lunar-calendar A vue component for lunar calendar. Uses Moment.js for date operations. This is the Korean lunar calendar. It is different from Chi

kitwon Vue2 Calendar Component Full calendar base on Vue2 and dayjs. Support month and week view. Custom date item style with scopeSlots. 中文文档 📺 Live demo I

lkmadushan Vue TOAST UI Calendar A Vue.js wrapper for TOAST UI Calendar Installation npm install --save tui-calendar @lkmadushan/vue-tuicalendar Usage Example Tr

nhn TOAST UI Calendar for Vue This is Vue component wrapping TOAST UI Calendar. 🚩 Table of Contents Collect statistics on the use of open source Install

manuelescrig MEVHorizontalContacts An iOS UICollectionViewLayout subclass to show a list of contacts with configurable expandable items. Features Customizable contacts cells Customizable contact items cells Diffe

uber-archive (This project is deprecated and not maintained.) Ohana is a framework for working with a user's contacts on the iOS platform. It provides a component-based architecture for loading and processing contacts, as well as managing state

toddmotto --- AngularJS 1.5 component architecture app Try the Contacts Manager app! You'll need to register and create an account. Want the ES2015 version? Check it out here. A Contacts Manager application built o

BillDietrich Android phone app that creates fake contacts, which will be stored on your smartphone along with your real contacts. This feeds fake data to any apps or companies who are copying our private data to use or sell it. This is called "data-poisoning".

mrousavy react-native-jsi-contacts The current react-native-contacts library uses the React Native Bridge to convert the native Java/Objective-C types to JavaS

yaa110 Go Persian Calendar Go Persian Calendar v0.3 provides functionality for conversion among Persian (Solar Hijri) and Gregorian calendars. A Julian calendar is used as an interface for all conversions. The package name is ptime