Laravel Web Push Notifications Demo

Laravel Web Push Notifications Demo A demo for the Laravel Web Push notification channel. Installation git clone cd laravel-web-push-demo cp .env

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AvdLee Poes A Swift command-line tool to easily send push notifications to the iOS simulator. Poes helps you with: Generating a JSON payload for push notifications Sending and testing push notifications in the simulato

web-push-libs web-push Why Web push requires that push messages triggered from a backend be done via the Web Push Protocol and if you want to send data with your push message, you must also encrypt that data according to

rakanalh django-pushy Your push notifications handled at scale. What does it do? Python / Django app that provides push notifications functionality with celery. The main purpose of this app is to help you send push not

palkan Active Delivery Framework providing an entry point (single interface) for all types of notifications: mailers, push notifications, whatever you want. πŸ“– Read the introduction post: "Crafting user notifications in Rails

calonso Ruby Push Notifications iOS, Android and Windows Phone Push Notifications made easy! Features iOS and Android support Complete error and retry management Easy and intuitive API Ins

sarfraznawaz2005 Laravel Noty Laravel package to incorporate beautiful noty notifications into laravel as flash messages. Tested with version 3.2.0 of noty. Screenshot Requirements PHP >= 5.6 Laravel 5 noty

Maatwebsite Laravel Excel v2.1.* for Laravel 5 Looking for Laravel Excel for Laravel 4? Visit the 1.3 branch Laravel Excel brings the power of PHPOffice's PHPExcel to Laravel 5 with a touch of the Laravel Magic. It includes feature

jdaroesti flask-http2-push Bottom line: A Flask extension to add HTTP2 server push to your application. This is a drop in library for doing HTTP2 server push with a Flask application. It needs a server that supports HTTP2 push, lik

brthor docker-push-ssh Push docker images from your local machine to remote servers without the hassle. Overview docker-push-ssh is a command line utility to push docker images from your local machine to your remote machi

pimeys Rust Web Push Web push notification sender. Requirements Needs a Tokio executor version 0.2 or later and Rust compiler version 1.39.0 or later. Docume

onmyway133 ℙ𝕦𝕀𝕙 ℕ𝕠π•₯π•šπ•—π•šπ•”π•’π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•€ ❀️ Support my app ❀️ Push Hero - pure Swift native macOS application to test push notifications PastePal - Pasteboard, note and shortcut manager Frame recorder - Recorder gi

jpcaparas Laravel Notifications Demo A demo illustrating how Laravel notifications work through various channels (e.g. SMS, email, Slack, database). Installation Clone this repo. Run composer install. Fill in values on t

sindresorhus Notifier for GitHub Browser extension - Get notified about new GitHub notifications Checks for new GitHub notifications every minute, shows the number of notifications you have, and shows desktop notifications as well.

kejodion Package no longer maintained Please consider Laravel AJAX CRUD instead: Laravel Admin Panel Laravel Admin Panel ("LAP") is a drop-in admin panel package for Laravel which promote

jcc Β εˆ›ι€ δΈζ―οΌŒδΊ€δ»˜δΈζ­’ Vue - Laravel - Example Vue - Laravel - Example is a simple example to set Vue 2.0 with Laravel 5.1. Install Clone the project to local git

TheRealJAG About Vote based Question & Answer site built using Laravel 5.4, material design, x-editable and jQuery Upvote. Demo: Tech Laravel: Twitter Bootst

CoreProc Nova Notification Feed A Laravel Nova package that adds a notification feed in your Nova app and uses Laravel Echo and websockets to receive and broadcast notifications. Installation You can install the package

gomoob php-pushwoosh A PHP Library to easily send push notifications with the Pushwoosh REST Web Services. First sample, creating a Pushwoosh message // Create a Pushwoosh client $pushwoosh = Pushwoosh::create(

kosmigramma iOS Push Notifications for PWAs and Web apps

tdewolff Push Push is a package that uses HTTP2 to push resources to the client as it parses content. By parsing HTML, CSS and SVG it extracts referenced resource URIs and pushes them towards the client, which is quicker than waiting

alexusmai Laravel File Manager DEMO: Laravel File Manager Vue.js Frontend: alexusmai/vue-laravel-file-manager --- Laravel 7 support added but not fully tested!!