Generate random strings or numeric values

Random Generate random strings, numbers, bytes, patterns, and a lot more Features It generates cryptographically secure pseudo-random bytes (using random_bytes() and random_int()) to make: Strings

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pixeloution TrulyRandom Composer-compatible library to interact with's API in order to generate truly random lists of integers, sequences of integers, and random alpha-numeric strings. does limit the amount of random n

viclm Numeric Keyboard A custom virtual numeric keyboard works in mobile browsers. It contains a virtual input box which would invoke the numeric keyboard i

novacrazy numeric-array numeric-array is a wrapper around generic-array that adds efficient numeric trait implementations, often times making use of autovectori

asggo Random package random import "" The random package provides cryptographically secure random integers and strings Functions func Alpha(n uint64) (string, error) Alpha returns a st

boolxy Random Generates random values Installation This package can be installed via Composer: composer require boolxy/random Usage use Boolxy\Random\Random;

johnmcfarlane Compositional Numeric Library The Compositional Numeric Library (CNL) is a C++ library of fixed-precision numeric classes which enhance integers to deliver safer, simpler, cheaper arithmetic types. Documentation can be

sindresorhus random-float Generate a random float Install $ npm install --save random-float Usage var randomFloat = require('random-float'); randomFloat(5); //=> 4.401887938147411 randomFloat(10, 100); //

sindresorhus random-int Generate a random integer Install $ npm install --save random-int Usage var randomInt = require('random-int'); randomInt(5); //=> 3 randomInt(10, 100); //=> 54 API

Lapple react-transitive-number React component to apply transition effect to numeric strings, a la old Groupon timers Live demo Example Usage var TransitiveNumber = require('react-transitive-number'); module.exp

rasheedsulayman AnimatedCountTextView A library that helps you animate change in numeric values in a TextView. Gradle Dependency Add the dependency to your app's build.gradle: implementation 'com.r4sh33d:AnimatedCountTextView

sindresorhus crypto-random-string Generate a cryptographically strong random string Can be useful for creating an identifier, slug, salt, fixture, etc. Install $ npm install --save crypto-random-string Usage

random-access-storage random-access-chrome-file A random-access-storage instance backed by the Chrome file system api npm install random-access-chrome-file Usage // Currently only works in Chrome const createFile = require('random-acc

ircmaxell RandomLib A library for generating random numbers and strings of various strengths. This library is useful in security contexts. Install Via Composer $ composer require ircmaxell/random-lib Usage

minimaxir Big List of Naughty Strings The Big List of Naughty Strings is an evolving list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data. This is intended for use in helping both automated and manua

piotrmurach Strings::Case Convert strings to different cases. Strings::Case provides string case conversions for Strings utilities. Motivation Popular solutions that deal with transforming string cases work we

lukeed foid A tiny (134B) and fast utility to generate random IDs of fixed length Fast object IDs. Available for Node.js and the browser.Generate randomized output strings of fixed length using lowercase alphanumeric characters (a-z0

chancejs Chance Chance - Random generator helper for JavaScript Homepage: Many more details on but this single library can generate random numbers, characters, strings, names, addresses

iamjono SwiftRandom SwiftRandom is a tiny help suite for generating random data such as: Random human stuff like: names, gender, titles, tags, conversations Random data types like: Int, CGFloat, Bool, Date, URL, element in Array

ckknight Random.js This is designed to be a mathematically correct random number generator library for JavaScript. Inspiration was primarily taken from C++11's <random>. Upgrading from 1.0 Upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0 is

modestyachts Augmented Random Search (ARS) ARS is a random search method for training linear policies for continuous control problems, based on the paper "Simple random search provides a competitive approach to reinforcement learning."

ex-punctis not-so-random A script (js + plotly.js) that guesses your next input no matter how random you try to be Open not-so-random.html (internet connection required to load plotly.js) or check out the online demo on my blog. Inspire