A library to integrate the Google V8 Javascript Engine in PHP

PHP-JS A library to integrate the Google V8 Javascript Engine in PHP ABOUT The PHP-JS library is created and maintained by Copernica (www.copernica.com). This extension gives you the power to execute javascript right

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phpv8 V8Js V8Js is a PHP extension for Google's V8 Javascript engine. The extension allows you to execute Javascript code in a secure sandbox from PHP. The executed code can be restricted using a time limit and/or memory limit. Th

Famous Famous Engine The Famous Engine is a free and open source JavaScript rendering engine. What makes the Famous Engine unique is its JavaScript rendering engine and 3D physics engine that gives developers the power and tools to

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nikic PHP Parser This is a PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.4 parser written in PHP. Its purpose is to simplify static code analysis and manipulation. Documentation for version 4.x (stable; for running on PHP >= 7.0; for parsing PHP 5.2 to PHP

kelseyhightower Google Cloud Service Accounts with Google Container Engine (GKE) - Tutorial Applications running on Google Container Engine have access to other Google Cloud Platform services such as Stackdriver Trace and Cloud Pub/Sub. In order

Anyon3 NinjaCMS ABOUT forbidden the access web for the following directory : cache/ php/Crypt/ php/File/ php/La/ php/Math/ php/Net/ php/System/ php/Library/ php/security/ EXTRA The directory extra/ contain the

phpv8 php-v8 PHP extension for V8 JavaScript engine This extension requires PHP >= 7.1. Last version that supports PHP 7.0 is v0.1.9. This extension is still under heavy development and its public API may change without any war

FoilPHP FOIL PHP template engine, for PHP templates. Foil brings all the flexibility and power of modern template engines to native PHP templates. Write simple, clean and concise templates with nothing more than PHP.

php-webdriver php-webdriver – Selenium WebDriver bindings for PHP Description Php-webdriver library is PHP language binding for Selenium WebDriver, which allows you to control web browsers from PHP. This library is compatible

googleapis Google APIs Client Library for PHP The Google API Client Library enables you to work with Google APIs such as Gmail, Drive or YouTube on your server. These client libraries are officially supported by Google. However, the libr

armcha Space-Navigation-View Introduction Space Navigation is a library allowing easily integrate fully customizable Google [Spaces][1] like navigation to your app. [1]: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.

php-mock PHP-Mock: mocking built-in PHP functions PHP-Mock is a testing library which mocks non deterministic built-in PHP functions like time() or rand(). This is achieved by PHP's namespace fallback policy: PHP will fall back to glo

php-curl-class PHP Curl Class: HTTP requests made easy PHP Curl Class makes it easy to send HTTP requests and integrate with web APIs. Installation Requirements Quick Start and Examples Available Methods Securi

helloguille preact-php-server-render-example Example on using Preact and PHP V8-JS to server-render preact components. Requeriments PHP >5.6 PHP v8js Extension: http://php.net/manual/en/book.v8js.php NPM Package manager

powder96 Numbers.php Numbers.php - an advanced mathematics toolkit for PHP >= 5.3. It is a port of Numbers.js - same toolkit for JavaScript. There is a version of Numbers.php which supports PHP 5.2, but it is no longer developed: http

robolyst google A python library for easily downloading data from Google's services that sit behind a login. Currently, this module supports: Google Trends Google Correlate Google Ngram Google search Quickstart Fir

google Creating NetBSD images for Google Compute Engine This repository holds tools to build a NetBSD image for use on Google Compute Engine (GCE). GCE is part of the Google Cloud Platform. Running make.bash make.bash can be

Bloggify $ google-font-downloader Download Google fonts by providing the url Usage You can use this tool to download Google Fonts for offline use, just by providing the Google APIs url. 💡 Note: It's not clea

srcecde Python Google-YouTube History Analytics A Python Python Google-YouTube History Analytics, which reads your history data you get from Google and provide analytics about your searches on Google, YouTube and YouTube watch history. I

Malfrats xeuledoc Fetch information about any public Google document. It's working on : Google Docs Google Spreadsheets Google Slides Google Drawning Google My