Useful libraries or tools that don't fit in the categories above.

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hammerstonedev Deferred Pagination Macro This repo holds the Laravel macro that is referenced from https://aaronfrancis.com/2022/efficient-pagination-using-deferred-

mattkingshott Snowflake This package enables a Laravel application to create Twitter Snowflake identifiers. It is a very thin wrapper around the excellent Snowflake

JSM33T jsm33t.com Well umm, a neat website LIVE SITE » View Demo · Report Bug · Request a feature About The Project Desc.. Built Using Php UI Frameworks Boot

ameetroy A php package to get you the server information Install Via Composer $ composer require ameetroy/server Usage use BubbleGum\Sweety; $getTotalSpace =

Sociant Ackee Analytics for KirbyCMS Plugin for KirbyCMS to generate dynamic tracking-scripts for Ackee. Plugin requirements PHP 7+ KirbyCMS 3 Setup Clone the

ivanvoitovych ReactPHP ft. Viewi This application demonstrates Viewi integration with ReactPHP. Requirements php >= 7.4 react/http viewi/viewi Steps to integrate yo

mwgg GreatCircle A set of three functions, useful in geographical calculations of different sorts. Available for PHP, Python, Javascript and Ruby. Live dem

denissimon PredictionBuilder PredictionBuilder is a library for machine learning that builds predictions using a linear regression. Requirements This project req

fulldecent 19 Questions Welcome to the 19 Questions game! 19 Questions is a machine learning game which asks you questions and guesses an object you are thinking

edgarsingui PROXYPAY SDK UM SIMPLES PACOTE EM PHP PARA GERAR PAGAMENTOS UTILIZANDO A PROXYPAY INSTALAÇÃO Se deseja instalar este pacote execute o comando abaixo:

Leakfarsi Leakfa.com A simple way to know if you are on the list of major security breaches like "HIBP", but it is specific for Iran. Service content This produ

BlackIQ Iran-Decoration Platform Iran decoration platform is an open source Php web application where you can find your job as a freelancer working in people

naruhaxor AndroidKlipperScreen a simple writeup /installer script to use android Devices and a UI for KlipperScreen for RaspberryPI Thanks to JHS on the Klipper

azjezz Psl - PHP Standard Library Psl is a standard library for PHP, inspired by hhvm/hsl. The goal of Psl is to provide a consistent, centralized, well-type

filegator FileGator - Powerful Multi-User File Manager FileGator is a free, open-source, self-hosted web application for managing files and folders. You can man

souramoo PhpMeeting A simple doodle.com clone polling script! Demo available at https://sm2030.user.srcf.net/poll/ Features Simple Flat-file data storage Polls

Flowframe Previewify for PHP This is the official Previewify client for PHP. Support us Like our work? You can support us by purchasing one of our products. Ins

hammerstonedev Sidecar SSR for InertiaJS 🚨 This is currently very much in beta! You can see a fully working Jetstream + Inertia + Sidecar demo repo at hammerstonede

Label84 Laravel Hours Helper With laravel-hours-helper you can create a collection of dates and/of times with a specific interval (in minutes) for a specific

codazoda HTTP Basic Authentication in PHP A template that does basic authentication in PHP. WARNING: It is insecure to use HTTP Basic Authentication without HT

EJTJ3 Nats publisher This is a simple package to publish messages to Nats Installation You can install the package using the Composer package manager. You c

Ph3nol Docker-Arch(itect) Demonstration User Docker-Arch from dedicated Docker image (recommanded) From dedicated Docker image. docker pull ph3nol/docker-arc

PandaDoc The Official PandaDoc PHP client SDK PandaDoc SDK spans a broad range of functionality to help you build incredible documents automation experiences i

thephpleague Construct Finder This library helps you locate classes, interfaces, traits, and enums in PHP code. The construct finder locates all code constructs lo

EventSaucePHP Object Hydrator This is a utility that converts structured request data (for example: decoded JSON) into a complex object structure. The intended use

g105b An experiment with WebSockets and the human condition. I wanted to learn how to use WebSockets in pure PHP and JavaScript, so I came up with the simpl

mojeda Community Server Status now has a community forum open to everyone. https://www.pilabs.io/forum/ ServerStatus ServerStatus is based off BlueVM's Uptim

chevere XR 🔔 Subscribe to the newsletter to don't miss any update regarding Chevere. Chevere Remote (XR) dump debugging utility built on top of ReactPHP. Sta

ryangjchandler View your activity logs inside of Filament. This package provides a Filament resource that shows you all of the activity logs created using the spatie

kwerio Kwerio Enterprise Modular SAAS Framework, Design from the growndup to grow vertically. Explore the docs » View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature Tab

ertuo-php Ertuo: quick routing for PHP Ertuo (anagram of "Route"), is a small PHP library that does routing better and faster than conventional regular expressi

symfony HtmlSanitizer Component The HtmlSanitizer component provides an object-oriented API to sanitize untrusted HTML input for safe insertion into a documen