Useful libraries or tools that don't fit in the categories above.

Newest releases

leocavalcante 💬 Swoole based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client.

nunomaduro 🚀 A curated list of awesome resources related to PHP source code

giorgiopogliani This is a twig extension for automatically create components as tags. The name of the tag is based on files in a directory. This is highly inspired from blade components.

vivirenremoto A bunch of APIs to solve small problems

mtownsend5512 A PHP package to determine steps and progress.

saturdayclass Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in our global community! Four quality pull requests must be submitted to public GitHub repositories. You can sign up anytime between October 1 and October 31.

SKHPMMPPlugins PocketMine-MP Let's make Skill easily

SamAsEnd This package automates the common password Hash::needsRehash routine by hooking into the built-in event system.

gabrielfroes Esse é apenas um exemplo prático de como identificar e aplicar o padrão de projeto Strategy. Simulamos nesse exemplo um pedaço de uma Loja Virtual em que teria algumas libs externas para cálculo de frete de algumas empresas como:

symfony The Rate Limiter Component provides a Token Bucket implementation to rate limit input and output in your application.

GodVas Apply 3D modeling to the item. PocketMine-MP PMMP

statamic Statamic Starter Kit: Starter's Creek

migrify Awesome sources for PHP projects migrations - legacy, pattern refactoring, framework switches, temlates and configs...

stefanbauer This package detects the current TailwindCSS breakpoints and shows them on the fly at the very bottom right, when resizing the browser window. It was inspired by this pen built by suin.

Juhlinus Instant form validation for your Inertia.js apps.

praveenscience This was created as part of Praveen's live stream on his YouTube Channel.

phpid-jakarta 📚 Kumpulan berbagai sumber daya untuk belajar koding dari hasil karya para kreator lokal yang terpercaya dan telah dikurasi oleh komunitas PHPID

Log1x A real ACF phone number field powered by libphonenumber and intl-tel-input

GiantQuartz 🗽 PocketMine-MP virion to add dialogs to entities easily

namhong1412 This is a perfect way to replace hiring video hosting services (`in a certain perspective`)

korado531m7 Convert blocks of Java Edition to Bedrock Edition asynchronously with ease

mathiasverraes Parsica - PHP Parser Combinators - The easiest way to build robust parsers.

mrexodia Ever wanted to execute PHP in your kernel driver? Look no further!

php-aidc PhpAidc LabelPrinter is a library that help you create and print labels on printers that support Direct Protocol, Fingerprint, TSPL/TSPL2 languages (Honeywell, Intermec, TSC) via TCP/IP.

VerbalExpressions VerbalExpressions is a PHP library that helps to construct hard regular expressions.

repman-io Repman - PHP Repository Manager Repman is a PHP repository manager. Main features: free and open source works as a proxy for packagist.org (speeds up your local builds) hosts your private packages all

spipu Html2Pdf Html2Pdf is a HTML to PDF converter written in PHP, and compatible with PHP 5.6 to 7.4. It allows the conversion of valid HTML in PDF format, to generate documents like invoices, documentation, ... You have t

yswery PHP DNS Server This is an Authoritative DNS Server written in pure PHP. It will listen to DNS request on the default port (Default: port 53) and give answers about any domain that it has DNS records for. This class

beyondcode Laravel Scope Checks Automatically convert your Eloquent scopes to boolean check methods. This package allows you to automatically call all your eloquent model scope methods as checks. class User extends Model

viest Why use xlswriter Please refer to the image below. PHPExcel has been unable to work properly for memory reasons at 40,000 and 100000 points, but it can be resolved by modifying the ini conf

ahmadawais WP Continuous Deployment DevOps free Continuous-Deployment pipeline for WordPress plugins with GitHub Actions. Install npx wp-continuous-deployment Usage ❯ BEFORE

lisachenko PHP Engine Direct API

elgentos Magento 2 - Lightspeed for Google Lighthouse optimizations