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Crowdstar Summary This library provides a DB layer to communicate to HP Vertica databases for Swoole based applications. Features supported: Connection pool. Au

JohnHammond TryHackMe Notes My adhoc and abhorrent notes and work for TryHackMe machines. This repository is for personal use but is made public in case other som

FriendsOfREDAXO Simple_OAuth für REDAXO 5.11+ Features OAuth2 Server für die YCom. Diverse Grantmöglichkeiten implementiert. Basiert auf der OAuth2 Server Biliothek v

EcomDev Simple Import / Export tool A tool that allows to quickly export data from Magento 1 and Magento 2 store and import it back into Magento 2. Table data

bkintanar PHP Wrapper for Philippine Standard Geographic Code API Overview This package is a simple php wrapper for the PSGC API found here: https://github.com/

febrihidayan Laravel Realtime Chat Pusher Hai semuanya 👏 , Semoga dalam keadaan sehat dan masih samangat kodingnya. Open source kali ini saya membuat realtime cha

symfony Semaphore Component The Semaphore Component manages semaphores, a mechanism to provide exclusive access to a shared resource. This Component is experi

arabnewscms All gateways payments & SMS package name: gateways package version: v1.1 author : mahmoud ibrahim description :provide gateways payments and SMS to in

revoltphp Revolt Revolt is a rock-solid event loop for concurrent PHP applications. Motivation Traditionally, PHP has a synchronous execution flow, doing one th

bassim Super Expressive PHP Super Expressive PHP is a PHP library that allows you to build regular expressions in almost natural language - with no extra dep

Kay-Wei Yii2 - Background Translation I18n 👽 Based on the YII2 module to translate JSON formatted translation files on the web Introduction 💦 This project i

spatie This package helps you to keep track of the visitor's original UTM parameters, referer header and other analytics parameters. You can then submit these parameters along with a form submission or add them to a link to another domai

vanssata Borica Към момента това е просто тестов пример. За да го тествате първо трябва да въведете стойности на, или техните еквиваленти за реална среда: $ter

BinhLe2711 Lấy lịch sử giao dịch Momo Là mã nguồn giúp bạn lấy lịch sử giao dịch momo của bạn. Xem demo · Báo lỗi · Đề nghị thêm tính năng Thông tin về mã nguồn

GodVas CustomItemLoader [Plugin] PocketMine-MP adds items using ItemComponent Packet. Description You can implement the items and tools you want! To implemen

just-for-shahi Faraz Kish Projects These projects are free for public use. Be a lesson for those who violate the rights of others!! ✌️ Brands Farazkish Uinvest MFina

Flowframe Laravel Trend Generate trends for your models. Easily generate charts or reports. Support us Like our work? You can support us by purchasing one of ou

unitpay Shamir PHP Shamir's Secret Sharing implementation. Inspired by hashicorp vault shamir. Compatible with Simple Shamir's Secret Sharing (s4). Requiremen

akiyamaSM LazyBelongsToMany A lightweight implementation of Laravel's belongs To many relationship in cases you don't need pivot table. Installation First, inst

Astrotomic Interact with TMDB data in your Laravel application.

asantibanez Livewire Charts demo app

walkor Crontab A crontab with precision in seconds written in PHP based on workerman. Install composer require workerman/crontab Usage start.php <?php use W

DenverCoder1 Github Readme Streak Stats Display your total contributions, current streak, and longest streak on your GitHub profile README Table of Contents Table

gisbi-kim IROS20-SLAM-papers The paper list http://bit.ly/iros20-slam-papers Note This is a personal list-up: SLAM-related papers are collected as many as possi

ivanomatteo A library that allows you to track different devices used per user This package implements a "google like" device detection. You can detect when a use

flow-php Extract Transform Load - Abstraction Description Flow PHP ETL is a simple ETL (Extract Transform Load) abstraction designed to implement Filters & Pip

XoopsModules25x wgSimpleAcc module for XOOPS CMS 2.5.11+ wgSimpleAcc module for XOOPS CMS for incomes/expenses calculation for small communities (like my sports commu

paintdotnet Offline installers and portable ZIPs for Paint.NET. The offline installer may still need to download some prerequisites if you're on a Windows 7 or 8.

spatie A better PHP backtrace To get the backtrace in PHP you can use the debug_backtrace function. By default, it can be hard to work with. The reported fun

MedUnes PHP Noise A starter-kit for your PHP project. It includes frequently needed boilerplate setups (ci, badges, etc.) 📦 Installation To install this appl

mateusjunges Laravel Kafka Do you use Kafka in your laravel packages? All packages I've seen until today, including some built by myself, does not provide a nice s

CareSet Facility COVID PUF Community FAQ This document answers frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 facility-level capacity data, initially released

kowainik eio IO with Exceptions tracked on the type-level. Note: The package is considered to be used with the QualifiedDo feature, so hence the support only o