Instagrab - Easily grab or download Instagram content

Instagrab - Easily grab or download Instagram content Installation $ composer require zeeshan/instagrab Usage Create a grabber object while passing the instagram page URL use Zeeshan\Instagrab\Grabber;

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Blogger-Peer-Review Grab quotes from any page using cmd+shift+s (on Windows: ctrl+shift+S). Then grab the embed link to produce a live HTML citation like this:

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dome272 An Instagram Bot serving as an account, people can use to create DeepFakes on Instagram.

egoist InstaSave Download instagram photots. Try this (nsfw :D) Commands You can replace yarn with npm run here. # build for production yarn bui

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delba SwiftyOAuth is a small OAuth library with a built-in set of providers and a nice API to add your owns. let instagram: Provider = .instagram(clientID: "***", redirectURL: "foo://callback") instagram.authorize { result in pr

una CSSgram CSSGram is an Instagram filter library written in Sass and CSS. What is This? Simply put, CSSgram is a library for editing your images with Instagram-like filters directly using CSS. What we're doing is ad

Isuru-Nanayakkara InstagramAuthViewController A ViewController for Instagram authentication. A UIViewController subclass that handles showing the Instagram login page, the authentication dance and finally returning the access token that can

sagarshirbhate Instagram Feeds View It is just a demo view to show feeds as shown in Instagram. In this demo UITableview used with Multiple cells. All description of post(Image,User,Like,Comment etc..) can be managed by the array of

AnderGoig SwiftInstagram is a wrapper for the Instagram API written in Swift. It allows you to authenticate users and request data from Instagram effortlessly. Features Effortless and straightf

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SyedMuhammadRehan I'm a beginner and I created Instagram Clone acc. to my knowlegde These are the just screens of Instagram You have to install the node modules You can change the screens by chaning the function in App.js because i didn't link them through navigation Give star if you like it